The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 290

Italian and international clothier, Kappa celebrates its 100th anniversary this year (2016). 축하해요!!! In honor of its centennial celebration I think it could use a retrospective of sorts which I am happy to honor here during the Soulful Countdown by way of the gorgeous one himself, G.O. I probably could have coordinated this better by waiting 10 more days . . .  At that time, G.O will complete another 100 days of service and thus we could enjoy a double centennial celebration. But why delay?

One thing that is evident in the Korean idol world – or any idol world for that matter – is that fashion designers love to see celebrities endorsing their clothes, shoes and accessories. How many of us have been persuaded to own some of the things we have seen our fave celebrities wearing or carrying? I think when Rain endorsed the MCM brand they had a huge resurgence of business and sales.

When Kappa came into existence, it was a socks and underwear company. I don’t even want to go there. But it grew into a premier sportswear conglomerate even becoming the clothing and gear supplier of the 1984 US Track & Field team as well as the Korea National Ski Team.

Over the course of his career (and as I suspect will continue in the future), G.O has also done his fair share of endorsing and fashion has definitely been a part of that endorsement line up. He has been to many flagship store openings for various designers and the upside of that is usually pictures, lots and lots of them. And with the exception of the above, for the Kappa house of fashion, he was best captured by adoring fans wearing its cozy warm full length parka.

As much as the Kappa ‘Omini’ logo (the silhouette of a man and woman sitting back-to-back) has become relatively iconic in the the fashion world, it will never detract from the beauty that is G.O. Then again, nothing ever could.


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