The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 288

When I look at old fan cams of showcases, fan meets and fan signs, I am always so taken with G.O’s genuine and often heartfelt appreciation of his fans. Never one to shy away from speaking, pranking or even fulfilling fans’ requests (no matter how absurd) and often without hesitancy or even protest, he truly is an artist who will go to great lengths to please us, always. If his talent and charm were not already enough, his gratitude and appreciation for his fans has no match. Yes, I am biased but I can also proclaim such based upon my own personal experiences. G.O’s playful affection caught back at the outdoor mini fan meet in March 2012 is the subject of Day 288 (the 1st day of December!) and another installment of G.O’s Fabled Fan Service.

I believe the mini fan meeting took place the same day MBLAQ wrapped up their good-bye stage for Run on Inkigayo. It was 25 March 2012 and must have been chilly for G.O was wrapped cozily in an over-sized slate grey Nike parka and looked every bit as adorable as he truly is while greeting and meeting fans.

* * *

I am sure it is just me (or maybe I am not alone) but sometimes just looking at G.O and seeing his smile and playfulness is the only tonic I need to brighten my day.  I suppose that is what art, and the artist who shares that art is challenged to bring into the world: a special light, meaning and perhaps even hope. Definitely a beauty that will touch and even change hearts.

Yes, I would venture to say that G.O certainly has a special light. Indeed, one that was destined (and continues) to glow and burn incandescently bright.


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