The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 287

Remember in those early debut days, the MBLAQ stylists seemed to want to layer G.O’s clothes and cover him up as much as possible? Maybe, just maybe, they were simply protecting the fans. Perhaps his kind of magnificence had to be unveiled slowly. I respect that decision, for G.O never had to resort to shirt-ripping, chest-baring moves to capture attention. Still, they could have styled him a little less layered, don’t ya think? Remember that extravagant feathered-sleeved jacket? The G.O One Shot for today will no doubt remind you.^^

I think maybe G.O was even over this jacket by this point! But there is something so cute and endearing about the way he gently plucks the feather, releases it nonchalantly from his fingers, and watches it take flight softly to the ground. Yes, it is pretty much true that I can find enjoyment in just about anything this does.


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