The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 212

Join me please in getting lost in the sweet lullaby of Celebrate from the 27 September 2013 Daejeon Free Festival concert on this Fan-Camming day. If you need a sweet meditative moment for today, give this one a try.

When you think about Sexy Beat, a quiet R&B ballad seems an unlikely resident on the otherwise sensually aggressive and upbeat CD. That said, it would be a travesty to allow MBLAQ to release an album void of a tender ballad with a gentle groove. G.O can sing anything, this is true. But give him a tender ballad with a smooth groove and you have essentially given him air to breathe.

Then, put a camera in MemenGO’s hands and the moment becomes more than just a man on a stage singing a song. It becomes a melodic journey of the heart where G.O is the guide, the guru, who urges you to close your eyes along with him, and surrender.

Hearing G.O’s soothing voice is calming. Watching him sing is visual meditation. When a song, and especially here with Celebrate, is hitting the sweet spot with him, you cannot help but feel the rippling sensation of ease. Isn’t that what a lullaby is all about?

R&B zen.

With a tender connect.


[Video cr. MemenGO87]

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