The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 211

Is anyone else left unhinged after watching G.O’s Special Angles version of MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa Style First Special DVD? It is almost impossible to survive the sensual broodiness G.O repeatedly throws at the camera. Even more disarming is the way in which his eyes bore into the camera’s lens with absolute intensity and emotion. G.O possesses the kind of gaze that penetrates every defense and barrier you could possibly muster if you wanted to avoid losing all sense and sensibility after being catapulted into the fiery passion of his art.

While it is true that my bias towards G.O may make me prone to what some may consider excessive praise and admiration when describing his talent, I think I am on point here. In fact, I think I am on point overall. The man is very talented. And as we can see from this focused version of G.O’s Mona Lisa, he also knows how to seduce the camera.

An artist using visual media to share his art such as video still must work within the parameters of a canvas, so to speak. That is, he must be conscious of placement in a frame, movement, lighting, costuming, etc. Then, in order to make the connect to the audience so that his art can be felt, he must always be cognizant of where the camera is whether he is looking into the lens or not. He must have presence.

G.O’s Special Angles version on the Mona Lisa Style First Special DVD is intense, vibrant, sensual and seductive. I don’t know about you, but I felt every note and was weakened by every gaze.

G.O indeed is an amazing vocalist, actor, dancer, lyricist, composer and producer who creates beautiful art. But perhaps his finest work of art is . . . himself.


[Video cr. J.Tune Camp]


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