The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 193

I cannot believe it took almost 200 days before I decided to write about G.O’s first solo single, 내꿈에 서라도 [Even In My Dreams], the tender and romantic ballad he wrote and composed that was released in July 2011. In that I always want to celebrate G.O’s music as well as his writing and composing skills, I am surprised I waited this long! Well, it is a Sunday and so it goes that something light and romantic should be the main course of the day.

No one will serve up gentle and romantic quite like G.O. There must be something incredibly sensitive inside of him that allows his interpretation of a love song to repeatedly seize your heart. I have listened to this song countless times. I have watched the MV over and over. The journey each note and each lyric gently travel sear the pavement of the heart, leaving it forever scarred. I have often felt that the artistry of G.O’s music pleasantly wounds the heart in the best way, perhaps changing its rhythm and structure.

너를 원하고 또 원하는 나 사랑도 못하는 나
Me, who really wants you and wants you, I can’t even love
이렇게 맘 아픈데
My heart hurts this much
내 맘 전해질 수 있도록 꽉 잡아줄게 네 손을
I’ll hold your hand tightly so I can relay my feelings
내게로 돌아와
Come back to me

Why is this man so adept at writing loves songs that revolve around breaking up and the absolute agony and longing in the wake of it that follows? I have often heard that when it comes to writing, that if you write what you know, and write what you have lived, that your art will have an honesty that is impossible doubt.

I am sure G.O has lived through much heartache. And although it pains me to think that his heart has been broken, I cannot rightfully say that it has had an ill effect on his art. On the contrary. It is his life experiences that have given his art a sensitivity and depth that perhaps he would not have been able to attain had he not been through the experiences he has suffered through.

When he returns to us, I can only hope that the ballads of heartbreak that may still be contained in the tender vaults of his heart are tempered with some slow R&B grooves that, in the end, celebrate the beauty of love.


[Video cr. Jtunecamp]

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