The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 194

G.O in a hanbok. Is there anything this man wears that does not look good? I will admit that I will always choose a fine tailored suit or jeans paired with a t-shirt for G.O to wear before he slips into a hanbok. However, I am not going to deny how absolutely charming he looks wearing the traditional Joseon period formal wear.

The times in which G.O was captured on film wearing a hanbok usually coincided with the Korean autumn festival known as Chuseok. Remember in the early MBLAQ days, the men would gather to either be photographed or video-ed sending messages of greetings to their fans on various holidays.  Usually for Chuseok and New Years, the men dressed in traditional hanbok to convey their greetings. The hanboks worn by G.O (and the other members of MBLAQ) were often in connection with endorsing hanbok makers, specifically in 2012 (Park Kyung Sook) and 2013 (Minson Hong Hanbok).

I think my favorite G.O hanbok moment, however, was when he served as a co-MC during Immortal Song 2‘s Chuseok Special ~ Best of 10. Not only was he wearing an exquisite hanbok  . . .

 . . . he made the illustrious list of 10 being honored during that special Chuseok broadcast in October 2012 and, as such, had his winning moment singing Kim Soo Hee’s  못잊곘어요 [I Can’t Forget] replayed. Heaven! It is one my favorites of his Immortal Song 2 performances mostly because he changed the song up, making it his own, giving it a sexy jazzy vibe. His innovative approach wowed the audience (and Kim Soo Hee) and he took home the trophy that evening.

Even better on the special was seeing G.O dance to a couple of strains This Is War while wearing that delightful hanbok.

There are several million reasons why I love G.O but I have to say those that often stand out for me are how absolutely comfortable he seems to be in who he is, his authenticity, how he selflessly shares his art, and his love and appreciation for the fans who have supported him (and continue to support him) every step of the way. All of his moments from concert stage, to musical theater, acting, and variety have indeed satisfied his hunger to create. But I suspect it would not mean as much to him without the love and support of his adoring fans for which he continues to reciprocate endlessly.

I mean….how can you not love and appreciate an artist of his caliber dancing in a hanbok?!! He is just the best!


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