The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 192

The beauty of deciding to let G.O pretty much commandeer my blog for the length of his military service (and I suspect well beyond), is that I have had the pleasure of connecting with many of his dedicated and long-time fans. Debut fans are a wealth of knowledge which have been a godsend to me in that their MBLAQ-lopedic minds continue to introduce and re-introduce G.O to me as if I am meeting him for the very first time, over and over. It’s the best kind of Groundhog’s Day!!

A challenge recently was to discover which masternim was the first to exclusively point her cam (or his) directly on G.O during a performance. I think my source found it in a 3 November 2009 recording of The M, and you can bet G.O was keenly aware that 내꺼지오’s [Naekkeogo] cam was duly fixed on him. It’s a Fan-Camming day for Day 192 and I am going to keep it simple by sharing 내꺼지오’s G.O-focused cam during MBLAQ’s performance of Oh Yeah on The M.

The attention to making every move precise and the concentration in the performance was so very much evident in these early MBLAQ debut days. Now I am curious to know when G.O stopped including his B-Boy kick in the song!! I must commend 내꺼지오 [Naekkeogo] for seeing not only the talent in G.O in these early days, but the absolute beauty and charisma that radiated from him while he was on the stage. Thankfully at that time, there were some pretty smart fangirls who knew G.O’s artistic trajectory would continue to gain momentum and, in the wake of that, he would magnetically pull more and more fans into his atmosphere.

G☆ING understood that to also be true with her early captures around the same time Naekkeogo was laying the groundwork for future G.O-focused cams to come.

What an absolutely exciting time these debut days must have been for G.O. And I have to believe he was equally thrilled when those first cam and cameras were fixated on him thus specifically introducing him and giving him the opportunity to steal a few hearts and perhaps wreck a few biases.

Indeed, G.O was, is and will always remain the epitome of sweet charisma.

And, humble charm.


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