The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 181

Although a classic break up song, there was still something very sweet about G.O singing a little bit of the chorus to Ne-yo’s So Sick at the SBS Tenten Club Public Broadcast on 14 February 2011, even if it was Valentine’s Day! I would be hard pressed to be sick of any love song on that day and even more reluctant to turn away from a song (break up or otherwise) sung by G.O. Just sayin’. I love that G.O revived a little of the song at the Tenten broadcast since it has most likely been a song on his personal playlist for some time. He covered it way back in his Tykeys days. So on this 181st day of his service, I am setting the dial to the Retro Room station to revisit G.O’s cover of So Sick.

A break up song with a steady R&B groove, So Sick has all of the elements a vocalist like G.O can really sink his vocal acuity into and deliver with energy and emotion. Because G.O has such tremendous range, he can ease comfortably into a similar tone and timbre that is equal to Ne-Yo.

I really enjoy when G.O just sings off the cuff and lets a song take him on its journey. That clip was probably recorded some time in 2007 or maybe earlier. When we fast forward to 2011, you can hear a remarkable maturity in his voice.

When I hear G.O sing this song, my imagination runs with the thought of him reworking the song and slowing it down into a ballad. Sort of like Tykeys’ Get Down. ↓↓↓

I know some songs are better left in their original state, but I believe in G.O’s ability to take any song and run it through a neo-soul spin cycle and create a whole new groove. Inasmuch as I love all of his covers, I would be perfectly content if G.O pushed those all aside in order to make room for his own catalog of songs and compositions.

I think G.O has worked very hard educating himself in the language of music and continues to prove that he is a very adept lyricist and composer. I hope that in his down time throughout his service he stays inspired and continues to write and compose so that when he is discharged, he will have an entire album to record and produce! No pressure, Byung Hee!!! But, it would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

I look forward to every note and every lyric.


[Video cr. rainyonme; GOBACKUP1106]



  1. Nan says:

    I’m counting on him to be creating up a storm, so that when his time is served he can go on with his life. Whether it is as part of MBLAQ or even as a solo artist… a singer / songwriter like himself… is to be IMO, treasured.

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