The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 182

When I made the commitment to write a post every day commemorating each day served of G.O military service, in theory it did not seem like it would be an arduous task. But I discovered that it has required an inordinate amount of discipline I was not even aware I had. As I write, I learn more about him and, in the wake of that, have learned a lot about myself. It has been a fantastic journey so far and I have to tell you, their is absolutely no downside. Getting to write about this talented young man is a privilege. Oh, and I get to see and/or hear him every day. Bonus! My Fan-Camming day posts are spaced ten days apart (if you haven’t noticed) which means today is a Fan-Camming day and bcause I have such a crush on A Lucky Day’s work, I will share her G.O-focused cam (and pictures) from the Men In Blaq show on 20 August 2011. Get ready for some G.O charm!

When G.O smiles with absolute and complete joy, the smile in his eyes is as beautiful as the smile on his lips. He oozes a charm that is as adorable and sweet as it is sexy. Case in point:

When a man is able to blend sweet with sexy, you might as well just throw in the towel and be prepared to be swept off your feet. Add wit and intelligence along with gracious, humble and romantic and it is game over.

And what about his brand of handsome? I know I have said this before (and on countless occasions), but G.O’s outer handsome is really irrelevant (but I am not going to deny for a second that he is way way handsome ~ how many times can I use the word handsome in one paragraph??~^^). What we see on the outside, however, is really extraneous when you consider how absolutely gorgeous he is in the on inside.

* * *

A Lucky Day was able to capture G.O’s many facets whether he was aware of her camera or not. And when I am finally able breathe again after looking at her pictures (or cams), I am always filled with never-ending gratitude for her exquisite work.


[Image & video cr. A Lucky Day]

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