The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 168

Some moments in the past are a little harder to revisit than others. Still, I find that all of the moments that I am revisiting here on the blog that are leading up to G.O’s military discharge are reminders to the how and why he captured my attention, sealed my loyalty and support, and above all, stole my heart. Days before MBLAQ would take the stage one final time as a five member group, the core three of Seung Ho, G.O and Mir made a couple of public appearances, including the opening of the Boy London flag ship store in Seoul on 27 November 2014.

The culture of Boy London dates back to the late 1970’s when it was first introduced as a clothing and accessory line in London. It appealed to punk rock aficionados of the time and became signature wear for many musicians and artists. Somewhere along the line the hype faded but then Korea stepped in (years later), took control of the label, dropped its own music culture into it, and once again the designer label became relevant.

Any time you dress G.O in black it will be a successful style combination. The clothing and accessories in the Boy London fashion trunk most decidedly favor the color black. I absolutely love G.O in the relaxed and comfortable style of a soft long-sleeved t-shirt. So very warm and cozy, right? Then again, it’s really all about him! I admit much like he is able to sing any song from any genre at any given time, he too can wear any style of clothing and it just works.

Cool in black with a glass of wine renders G.O simultaneously casual and sophisticated. It is well-established that I am biased, but you have to agree with me that if you walked into an event such as this and saw him quietly standing alone with a glass of wine, you would be drawn to meet him, wouldn’t you? Or would Seung Ho’s bombastic smile lure you in his direction??! Oh my…. the force is strong with this 87-Line!

Hopefully, when G.O is discharged from the Army, we will continue to see him make appearances and endorse products (especially clothing). What about a CF or two, also? Ok ok…slow down! Indeed, all of that would be awesome, but will need to fall secondary to his music. Even amid all of my imaginary promotions I visualize him in, I still have his priorities straight!


[Image cr. boylondonltd./video cr. springster; wasser00000]

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