The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 167

I am going to keep it very, very simple on this 167th day of G.O’s service and offer a single picture for today’s One Shot. It is very difficult for me to want to stop at just one. But often one dreamy ethereal shot is enough to satisfy one’s eye thirst.

What captures your attention the most? His dreamy eyes? Cute as a button nose? Perhaps his lips draw your attention first? Or maybe it is his broad shoulders? What about his strong forearms or elegant hands? With G.O, it is the entire package. And while it is true that his handsome is of the most potent kind, I find what makes him most attractive are those things you simply cannot see, but invariably feel: his art for example, and the way in which he meets his adoring fans with gracious appreciation and love. Indeed, these are just couple of many that render him irrevocably gorgeous.


[Image cr. as tagged]

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