The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 169

There are moments when I watch G.O perform where I am convinced music is a drug. A heady intoxicant that invades the system of not only the audience, but him as well. I have often wrote about the power a song has over him and how he is held captive by it until the final note. I have called music his muse, his mistress, and his constant. But I think this is the first time I am calling it his drug. I guess there was something extra special about his dreamy eyes during the 11 September 2011 special stage performance on Inkigayo where he and Sistar’s Hyorin joined forces to sing Vibe’s 그남자 그여자 [That Man That Woman] that made me feel the intoxication.

Really…..just look into his eyes. He drinks in the elixir of notes and lyrics and as a result, becomes more lost in the song. And as his eyes continue to soften, the intoxication begins to have an osmotic effect on us. Frankly, I completely forgot Hyorin was there for a few moments. ><

Truth be told, this is not one of my favorites of G.O’s duets. But I still love, love, love it! It is not that I do not think Hyorin is a good vocalist or adept duet partner. She actually has a very lovely voice. And, she is absolutely stunning so having her and G.O side-by-side on a stage was gorgeous overload, to say the least! If this song was not structured to be sung by a man and a woman, I would venture to say that G.O could have handled the whole of it entirely on his own quite successfully.

Then again, I live in the land of extreme bias!

This is such a beautiful ballad. And it is not a typical one-sided break up song, as it were. No. Our hero and heroine communicate the exact sentiments of trusting and giving in to love only to accuse the other of never truly understanding the heart of a man or the heart of a woman. Still, we cannot help but feel that the two are deeply in love with each other.

I suppose because of the material I would have wanted to see more of a connect on stage between G.O and Hyorin as they sang. You know, instead of pleading their case to the audience, plead it to each other. The kind of synergy that I have often seen between G.O and Baek Su Kyung when they sang together. However, when G.O and Hyorin hit the climatic 우린 미치도록 사랑했었지 [We loved each other crazily], their combined vocal power crescendoed to the absolute height of emotion and the story of the song really sunk in and seized my heart. G.O’s improvisations swirling around Hyorin’s, ‘That man who left when I said I would give my everything, that man who took everything I had. That man who I loved so much at one point, I trusted it all like a fool. I guess all men are the same,’ made my heart ache yet was sweeping and brilliant.

그땐 사랑이 이별인줄 모르고 (이런 줄도 모르고)
[I didn’t know then that love meant separation (I didn’t know even this)]
다 믿었었어 우리 둘이..
[We believed everything, the both of us…]

Tenderly as the song ends and executed with absolute gentleness by both Hyorin and G.O, I got the connect I longed to see.

Truly, only G.O can make a song full of heartbreak so romantic.


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