The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 158

G.O’s 니가 떠난 그 자리 [The Place You Left] from the Mourning Grave OST is perhaps one of the most well-crafted, written, composed and arranged OST songs he has ever written. Have you listened to it recently? I have revisited it for the purposes of this post and have subsequently had it on repeat since.

Am I the only one who must figure out a way to temper the fangirl feels while watching G.O in the process of taking a song that has been ripening in the well of his creative soul, and watch him bring it to life in the recording studio? It’s a different sensation than seeing him perform. True, there is nothing that can compare to the emotional journey one takes while listening and watching G.O perform — but, watching him in creation mode is equally as thrilling in its own special way.

Back on Day 73, I wrote about G.O’s OST for Dr. Stranger, 내일이 안 올 것처럼 [Like Tomorrow Won’t Come], and declared that to be my favorite of his solo OST songs, and that still holds. 니가 떠난 그 자리 [The Place You Left] is my absolute favorite of the MBLAQ OST songs, and next to Spring, Summer, Autumn and . . ., one of my favorites of the songs written, composed and arranged by G.O.

The poetry in the lyrics of 니가 떠난 그 자리 [The Place You Left] captures the essence of a love that may no longer be present in the material world or otherwise, but lingers like a fragrance that repeatedly fills the air in constant reminder.

Everything it seems that is in the air helps the memories remain:

흘러간 노래 속에 들려오는 너의
In the song that plays, I hear you
바람에 떠다니는 너의 기억
Your memories float in the wind

So romantic. You cannot fake the kind of tenderness that oozes from G.O in the lyrics he writes and in the beautiful melodies he composes. 니가 떠난 그 자리 [The Place You Left] is an exquisite example of the poetry that dwells in the romantic and melodic heart of this gentle man.

For me, not only are his compositions soothing, they are healing. Although G.O can shatter a heart with a single note, his voice is also the medicine…the remedy that can heal and put it back together again.

My hope and my dream is that G.O continues to write and compose. The delicate balance of understanding music as a science, and more importantly, as a language of the heart, is what makes him, and his art so very special. February 2018 cannot come quick enough, but I know it will be worth the wait.


[Video cr. 이수C&E; KVideosSubbed]



  1. Nan says:

    I don’t think I was aware of this song (or the movie)… thanks for sharing the song… and I have to say, that I believe everything that you said in the last 3 paragraphs. G.O.’s a special talent. And although he may choose not to do concerts, or even not to sing for a living, I believe deep inside G.O. IS Music. It will find it’s way out, it will be shared with the world.
    Because the World Needs more Love… therefore G.O.’s healing words & voice are the answer.

    • Michele says:

      So very true, Nan. So very very true. I don’t believe music will ever let him escape. To date, I would say it has been the absolute love of his life.~♡

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