The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 157

Have you ever had one of those in between days? You know, the kind that aren’t really good, but aren’t necessarily bad either? Where the mood of the day or your own mood teeters somewhere in the middle, neutral to everything? That was my day today. So by the time I got on my train to head home for the evening, I was looking to shake myself free from the neutral with something and that something turned out to be Episode 15 of the KBS wacky variety show, Idol Maknae Rebellion. Oh…what a perfect tonic it was to watch the antics of G.O and Mir.

I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of how it was perhaps affecting me on an emotional level that two-thirds of MBLAQ was now in the Army. The rational side of me understands the inevitability of our biases going on hiatus to serve out their mandatory military service and, in theory before it happens, we generally face it with stoicism. But when they actually go, there is a sadness, even if it is subconscious.

157 days and maybe I am still not adjusted!!! Or, I am just having one of those I really miss G.O kind of days. So I turn to variety because if I decide to self-medicate with his ballads, forget-about-it!

February 2010 was just four months post-debut when G.O and Mir landed on the set of Idol Maknae Rebellion They were one of four hyung/maknae pairs (the others being from Mighty Mouth, FT Island and Ze:a) vying for gold medals competing in various games. In Episode 15 (which I am calling Part 1), those games included charades, a limbo contest, and ‘talk’ where they were given a subject in which they had to best each other with a personal story in connection with that subject.

I won’t soon forget the hilarity of watching Mir carrying G.O while trying to negotiate how he was going to get the both of them under the limbo pole. Here is that and other highlights from Ep 15:

Oppa, my burp is cute, right? Note to self: never belch in front of G.O!!!!!


I will save the second part (if I can find it subbed) for a future post, perhaps when I once again need some levity to pull me out of the neutral zone! Or maybe when I am just missing G.O’s brilliant smile.


[Video cr. sinaqsubs]


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