In The Event Of An Event ~ MBLAQ Treasure Chest

When I look at these three gorgeous and talented men, I am filled with inspiration. I am also filled with an inexplicable desire to share my love for them in ways that perhaps some feel is outrageous and uncommon. And I have to be honest, I have struggled because there are days when I don’t even understand me either!

When you practice generosity there is no guaranty that the generosity will be met with gratitude or sincerity. It’s a risk generous souls take.  I learned this through my Love and Christmas Package events, as well as other random moments of sharing. And those closest to me have heard me say time and time again, “I’m done! Never again!” Then, I take one look at him:

And I realize that my work is far from complete. Of course, my work in supporting him will never end. My love and support have no expiration date when it comes to Byung Hee! No, it is the work of continuing to live my life as generously as possible, even when it is difficult. Even when it is met with ungratefulness, jealousy, and/or negativity. It is just my path and I have to keep walking it.

So, what’s my plan? Well, even I admit it’s kind of ambitious. But I like a challenge.

Not too long ago MBLAQ’s trusted manager, Kevin, posted what appeared to be his collection of MBLAQ treasures. You have to forgive me for always referring to any thing (material or otherwise) related to MBLAQ as a treasure. To me, they are (and will always be) treasures. Because the men of MBLAQ ARE TREASURES!!

When I decided that I wanted to have an event for USA+ I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I had a couple of outrageous ideas floating around in my brain but was not committed to one specifically. Then I remembered Kevin’s Instagram post and the idea came to me.

Why not shore up a deserving USA+’s MBLAQ collection? It would be daunting, but not impossible. Some things are readily available. Others require some some patient, deep and diligent searching. Often, things are rare, out of print, and decidedly quite expensive. Furthermore, if the only way to acquire these treasures is to have them come from the land of MBLAQ’s birth (or some other Asian locale), the shipping charges sometimes exceed the cost of the items themselves!!!!! It’s crazy!

But, for a true and dedicated A+, having treasures that are part of the group is like having MBLAQ with you every day. This fact more poignant now since the split in the group at the end of 2014.

What will the treasure chest contain? All of MBLAQ’s officially released CDs in Korea and Japan that are not already contained in the recipient’s collection. Likewise, all officially released DVDs (such as Men In Blaq 2011 First Live ConcertMona Lisa StyleThis is War Music Story DVD Collection), etc. I am sure I will throw in some other bonuses but the main mission is to complete the discography and DVDs that were officially released by JTC and MBLAQ’s Japanese record label affiliates.

Do I already have a USA+ in mind to extend this event offer to? I do. She has been relentless in her support of MBLAQ (all five). She has also been a great supporter of what I do here on my blog. This was important to me in making my choice. The power of her retweet is very strong! Additionally, she appears to be what I like to call myself, a mono-fan. That is to say, not multi-fandom. Look I have nothing against A+ loving on other groups. NOTHING!! For purposes of this event however, I really wanted someone who was singly and 100% dedicated to MBLAQ. I have spent hours pouring through her Twitter line and I think I am making a good choice in choosing my sister USA+ Chris [@mblaq87line]. *throws confetti*

I am happy Chris posted a pictorial response to Kevin’s Instagram because now I know that she will love having the Seung Ho autographed copy of Just Blaq I will put in the treasure chest!

Chris, I appreciate all of the love and support you show MBLAQ, and all of the support you give to me. So…..if you accept, let’s start putting that list together!~^^

[By the way…this has now sparked another idea I have that will include all A+ (even the multi-fandom ones). Stay tuned for more information!!!]

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Nan says:

    Sweet pf you Michele, to yet again pass along the MBLAQ love!
    Though I don’t know Chris… Congratulations! May the flame for MBLAQ inside you, always burn bright!

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