The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 156

By October 2013, G.O had made appearances in two dramas that aired that same year. Come November he was set to have his last Immortal Song 2 performance AND see the release of his second digital single, Play That Song. He had a lot going on so it was nice that K Culture decided to feature the charming men of MBLAQ in the pages of their magazine in mid-autumn 2013.

G.O wears broody and throughtful introspection so very well. Even when he goes pensive in these photo shoots, I still feel as if he is always smoldering inside and ready to ignite at a moment’s notice. Not in a threatening way mind you, but more like creatively. Like he is thinking of a melody or lyric that is slowly taking shape inside. And the energy begins to build.

There is something so inherently attractive about G.O’s artistic creativity. I would love to watch him as he goes through the creative process of writing and composing a song, for example. Does he retreat to some solitary place and get completely lost in the process? Do lyrics and melodies invade his psyche demanding attention? It fascinates me. He fascinates me.

Of course on the other end of the spectrum is his playful side. As the behind the scenes video from the K Culture photoshoot would suggest, sometimes some good old fashioned arm-wrestling proves to be a welcomed reprieve from the demand to be more serious and focused when in front of a camera’s lens.

So it looks like G.O can defeat Seung Ho using his non-dominant right hand whereas he is defenseless using that same non-dominant hand against Cheondung? Heh. I think G.O let CD win because the rematch shows an evident defeat using either his right or left hand. The force is strong with our main vocal. ~^^

As is his power to lure a camera:

The hint of mischief in his eyes makes me almost feel he is on the verge of a playful yet alluring smile. The kind of smile that says, try to escape, if you dare.

Actually, I feel rather comfortable being held captive.~^^


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  1. Nan says:

    I’ve become interested in the song writing process over the last year and quite frankly one of the people I’d like to see “at work” composing a song (writing lyrics) Is G.O.
    His songs really capture my attention and his voice can thaw the coldest heart. When you put it all together in the handsome package with the seductive smile and the smoldering gaze… *incinerates*

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