The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 155

Can you imagine if every time you walked out of your house there was someone with a camera ready to point and click capturing your every move? I think about that when the lovelies of MBLAQ would go out on tour or need to travel for an appearance. Knowing that fans and/or press would be at the airport (foreign and domestic) to see them off (or greet them) had to have made them somewhat conscious of what to wear. G.O’s airport style was (and continues to be) comfortable, casual and so very cool.

He knows what style is! Never overboard though. His chic airport style.

That is a direct quote taken from the MBLAQ The Blaq% 2012 Asia Tour Photobook. I have to say I concur. It was as if whoever had charge of writing the English captions in the photobook read my mind! G.O’s airport style is always on point. Wait…check that. G.O’s overall style is always on point.



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