The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 139

The first of G.O’s duets I encountered where he sang with a female partner (outside of his work with Baek Su Kyung) was 니가 따끔 거려서 [Because You Sting] with Brown Eyed Girls leader, Jea. Even before I heard and purchased the studio version of the song, I watched the two of them duet on the January 23, 2011 episode of SBS KJE’s Chocolate. I revisit this performance often and all of the feels from the first time I saw it return, and I fall in love all over again.

사랑 너무 아프다 ~ 제발 아프지마
Love hurts very much ~ Please do not hurt

What I love and appreciate most about this heavenly collaboration (apart from the fact that Jea chose G.O to partner with), is the gentle and even flow G.O maintains throughout the song. Even at its most climatic part, he brings the power and emotion, yet keeps it tempered allowing Jea to captain the ship, as it were. We all know G.O can go really big with his voice. Really big. Perhaps if this were his song he may have. But as the guest, he allows Jea to shine. He really is such a gentleman, isn’t he?

G.O and these grand, sweeping ballads are vocal nirvana. There is an added sweetness when he is partnered with a female voice. To me, G.O’s voice intrinsically has a mellifluous rich quality, in and of itself. However, when harmoniously  united with a female vocalist, that richness becomes noticeably more abundant. The honey thicker and more sweet.

Mmmmmmm . . . I would not mind seeing these two partner again. Maybe something with a slow R&B groove, reminiscent of his work with Tykeys perhaps?


[Video cr. sbsmusic]


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