The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 140

Who can resist a man who clearly enjoys being an uncle just about as much as he enjoys being an artist?! I admit I am rendered completely weak when I see pictures of G.O with his family. Pictures of him being the loving and engaged uncle are even more delightful. In 2011, G.O along with his nephews (Choi Wan and Choi Yoon) and the younger of his older sisters (Jung Hye Yoon) landed on MBC’s variety program, Flower Bouquet, and charmed us all with their down-to-earth affable natures.

I am overcome with warmth (and even more affection) when I watch the Flower Bouquet episode with the MBLAQ family consisting of G.O, his sister, two nephews, Seung Ho with brother Seung Hoon, and Cheondung (who was minus a family member).

Flower Bouquet is somewhat of a live version of Trivial Pursuit where idols (and in this particular episode, idols with family members) are tested on their knowledge of Korean pop and historical cultural. The strength and unity of the MBLAQ family coupled with their real families proved formidable as they ended up victorious beating all of the other idol families on the show that day with knowledge, strategy and good old-fashioned family fun!

It is simply impossible to avoid the tug on the heartstrings when you look at the way in which G.O dotes on his adorable nephews. *Swoooooooon*

G.O’s playful manner with his sister is also a delight. I cannot help but wonder how much he had his two elder sisters wrapped around his finger as a child. I could not even begin to resist this level of adorable!!


I get the feeling G.O was raised with a strong sense of family. Seems rather intrinsic in him, and something he carried over to both his Tykeys and MBLAQ families, effortlessly.


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  1. Nan says:

    His nephews are pretty cute… and this is my first time seeing the photo of the young Byung Hee. As cute as the nephews are… he was much cuter! And yes, I think any Noona would have a hard time resisting his smile, then or now!

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