The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 138

One of the first things I became aware of after G.O successfully abducted my heart was his uncanny ability to lock in on cameras in the audience from the stage with eagle-eyed precision. Every camera was a magnet and he, the steel. Early on I admit to being envious of those fans on the receiving end of those appreciative glances and penetrating gazes.

As the days of his service pass with many more blog posts ahead of me, it has helped me stay organized by creating sub-categories that I hope capture G.O’s talent, charm, humor kindness, and graciousness. The unavoidable situation of his being away to complete his military service has afforded me the opportunity to splurge, as it were, in being able to literally talk (well, write) about him every day. This is no doubt annoying to some, and I suppose some may even view it as pathetically obsessive. I like to call it dedication. ~^^

Anyway, a new sub-category I am adding to the countdown offerings is something I will call Windows To Your Soul ~ The G.O Eye Connect. Much like his voice is a gentle arrow that pierces the heart, G.O’s penetrating gaze or gentle appreciative glances can hit equally as hard. When he captures you in his gaze, be prepared to be mesmerized, even hypnotized. If a gentle glance, prepare to swoon.

G.O has very expressive eyes. He can convey emotion and feeling without saying a word. Whether caught static in a photograph:

Or in motion via video:

~😵😵😵😵 ~

G.O’s laser vision finds cameras pointed (and decidedly fixated) on him.

On their site The Art of Manliness, husband and wife blogger team Brett & Kate McKay suggest there have been studies that have shown that those who make eye contact  are:

  • More dominant and powerful
  • More warm and personable
  • More attractive and likable
  • More qualified, skilled, competent and valuable
  • More trustworthy, honest and sincere
  • More confident and emotionally stable

The McKays state that, “Eye contact creates moments where you are able to really feel what someone else is feeling,” and that it also creates an intimate bond that is “truly a powerful tool for connecting with others.”

Truth. I think the master of eye contact himself G.O aces each one of those qualities, while his fans would concur that part of what makes him so very endearing is in the way he utilizes this simple form of communication, along with his artistic expression, to connect so very deeply with them.

Over the course of the next 593 days, I hope to share further Windows To Your Soul moments celebrating G.O’s fine art of making eye contact. Can you feel the impending swooooon?!


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