The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 128

By the second to last episode of the Korean drama 유령[Ghost/Phantom], the Cyber Crime Unit of detectives led by Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub) were starting to gel at last as a team. When brusque and salty Detective Kwan Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won) gathers the team for an afternoon picnic, it could easily have been considered a team building retreat of sorts. The underlying reason for the getaway, however, was far more serious and instead of butting heads (as they had been doing for 18 episodes), they finally came together to begin to truly unravel the mysteries and conspiracies of the rash of murders the show revolved around.

For a brief moment though (and I mean really brief), there was a sense of reprieve and levity as the two rookie detectives Lee Tae Kyun (G.O) and Byun Sang Woo (Im Ji Kyu) thought a day out with their seniors was going to be good times, or at best, a relaxing picnic at the lake where everyone would simply enjoy the company of the other.

Of course, there were far more serious things on the minds of Detectives Hyuk Joo and Gang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee). Look at the two goofs in the back though…lol!!! LOVE!!!

I loved this brief scene as it was light, yet ended up leading to a huge revelation for Tae Kyun and Sang Woo. G.O and Im Ji Kyu were really quite adorable together, perfect foils for the superiors they were working under. G.O’s Tae Kyun worked directly under the calm and calculating Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub) whereas Ji Kyu’s Sang Woo was protégé to the bombastic Hyuk Joo (Kwak Hyuk Joo). Where Tae Kyun was more reticent and polite, Sang Woo was arrogant and extroverted. Yet both were essential components of the team. By Ep 19, they had found common ground.

Just as all of the pieces of the puzzle to solve the murders were starting to come together, so was the Cyber Crime Unit team. I thought the roles of Lee Tae Kyun and Byun Sang Woo were cast well and as actors working opposite each other, G.O and Ji Kyu had a nice chemistry. Remember the drunk dinner scene?

G.O has a natural ease and flow while acting. In fact, it really does not seem like he is acting at all. He is the young, eager-to-please rookie detective whose quiet demeanor is most likely inherent to the geeky and brilliant computer programmer Tae Kyun is.

Yes, G.O is adorable. My only nit for his role in 유령[Ghost/Phantom] is that he did not have more screen time which was to do to schedule constraints and not being able to handle the role. As far as I am concerned, G.O can handle any role. MBLAQ was preparing and about to begin their Blaq% Asia Tour.

I would have loved to know more of Tae Kyun’s backstory.

Wouldn’t you??!!



  1. Nan says:

    Yes his character definitely didn’t get enough screen time. I hadn’t heard about G.O. being in Ghost when I watched it. (I later heard that Lee Joon was an extra in one scene, but I never found him. LOL)
    But it was with quite a loud squeal from me that G.O. appeared on the scene! Hopefully next time he gets a bigger role.

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