The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 126

It is true that MBLAQ’s allure lies soundly in the music and all extensions of it in way of entertainment (variety, drama, film, musical theater, modeling, endorsements, etc). What makes them even more rounded and attractive, however, is the way in which they love their strong, loving and very enduring A+.

I am sure each and every fandom of every group in popular culture today (past and present) will say their group is the best when it comes to fan service (especially in Korean popular music). That’s fair. Admittedly, since I am not multi-fandom, I have no gauge really to measure MBLAQ (and specifically, G.O) against in comparison.

But I don’t want to. I am perfectly content singing the praises of my favorite group, and certainly the one I tend to praise the most (and some may feel over praise) is my beautiful bias, Byung Hee. Guilty!

The MBLAQ Season’s Greetings projects are fangirl gold, and are particularly nice because all five members came together to collectively focus on a project that was designed to be a special, specific and heart-felt gift of love for their fans. And, it is a full package of delight not only comprising of pictures, photo books or postcards. They always filmed a BTS video of the project.

There was something so intimate and sweet hearing the men answer questions about various subjects and to just see them generally relaxed, engaging and playful. It was work but it was work born out of gratitude and love.

The visuals of the 2013 Season’s Greetings package are a combination of artistic and demure sophistication:

Coupled with energetic boys-will-be-boys playfulness:

Perhaps the sweetest thing I am personally taking away from this particular Season’s Greetings project is discovering something I have often wondered about regarding our charming main vocal man. I have always wanted to know when he discovered music. You know, when the proverbial seed was planted. When the love for music started to grow inside of him. Now remember, I am painfully sentimental. Therefore, the smallest moments, ideas, revelations, thoughts, experiences, etc., become deeply heartfelt. I can easily romanticize just about anything. Especially when it comes to G.O, especially him.

It was a special moment for me while watching the BTS video for the 2013 Season’s Greetings project when G.O revealed that magical moment for him, the moment music grabbed a hold of his soul.

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That’s when I first met music.

I could be wrong of course. G.O’s destiny to become a musician was probably well predetermined before he was 7 years old! But, this could have been the moment when music staked its claim on him and the future was thusly paved. There is something so inherently romantic about destiny, isn’t there?


[Video cr. SISZY]


  1. Nan says:

    Just about every week people ask me how long I’ve been doing massage. And I always laugh and ask, “For pay or without? I’ve been massaging my family since I was a small child of about 8.” It may have taken me another 24 years to actually answer that “calling”… but some things are just inside you… and you have to learn to make the most of your skills.
    It’s when you share your particular gifts and skills… your “voice” with others (be that in words or music)… that’s when you can really “touch” the most important part of others… (like our dear Byung Hee does)… their heart.

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