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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 113


The pain hasn’t really subsided. June is a month of memories for me this year. Just a few days ago, I was remembering Omiya and MBLAQ’s first stage as a trio. Today, I am remembering the release of MBLAQ’s 8th mini album, Mirror.

If anyone thought that the hurt, the disappointment, the devastation and the heartache had passed with the release of Mirror, all they need do was watch G.O perform the title track. That hurt, heartache and devastation however brutal, produced a brilliant 8-track album that G.O (along with Seung Ho and Mir) had every right to be proud of.

With this post I commemorate the release of Mirror and really do not want to focus on the sadness that I admit to feeling this week. Rather, I want to celebrate with positive reverence the innovative and powerful music these three amazing artists produced and gave to us on June 9, 2015.

The beautiful title track, Mirror:

And the heartfelt 나무 [Tree] written for their beloved A+:

Following Omiya, I went to directly to Seoul to support (and see) my beautiful bias as he was set to begin promotions with MBLAQ as a trio with their new album, Mirror. A showcase was planned the same day the album was released.

Because I am so incredibly sentimental, I thought it was good fortune that my seat number for the Showcase was D-6. Not so much the D, but the 6 is good, the 6 is always good.

Having never attended a showcase, I did not know what to expect. My only knowledge of an MBLAQ showcase was via fancam video, specifically of the Sexy Beat and Broken showcases, both of which seemed highly populated, teeming with energy, excitement and anticipation.

The Mirror showcase was far more serene. Elegant. Sophisticated. Intimate. I loved it. It simply did not last long enough.

G.O’s incredible passion and tenderness give him a strength more powerful than he could possibly imagine. His honesty may have drawn criticism but I commend him for not holding back the truth of his struggle, revealing the fragility of his spirit. Were that we all could live so honest and true to ourselves, even in the wake of revealing a quiet and gentle vulnerability.

When I look into the depths of G.O’s beautiful eyes, past the pain and sadness, I see an amazing artist, and an even more amazing man, full of resilience.


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3 thoughts on “The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 113

  1. I’ll be honest… Tree is my favorite from the Mirror album.
    It is just… comforting. Just what A+ needed from the guys.

    • I love this album so much because it was born out of such pain and yet is so beautiful. The highlight of being at the showcase last June was hearing them sing Tree live. My god their voices.

      G.O is always amazing, spectacular, wonderful and perfect. His voice will never have an equal for me – ever. On Mirror, however, Seung Ho elevated his game…BIG. I am so very impressed with our lovely leader. I know he tends to stay in the shadows…as a leader he has let the others shine before him unleashing his light sparingly, but always with class and integrity. On Mirror, he cannot be overlooked for his vocals throughout the entire album are spectacular as well. Mir, also…especially on Tree with his tender vocals delicately surrounded by Seung Ho and G.O. Mir should expand beyond rap I think and take more vocal risks. I LOVE his vocals on Tree.

      And what about their composing skills? When will they be recognized for the intelligent composers they are…and they are – each of them. Seung Ho’s instrumental composition, Resurrection is a reflective, touching waltz that is the gentle gateway to a well-written, well-produced and well-executed album. So different than what we see in Kpop….and so much better.

  2. It’s hard to know what is ahead for the trio… but I do feel that in the Mirror album they really did get to show how brightly they CAN shine if truly given the chance. Of course, for me G.O. will always shine brightest… but yes, they all did awesome. And I think it will be interesting ot see where their future takes them post MS.
    I personally feel the trio has really only begun to scratch the surface of their talents.

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