The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 114

While an endorsement by the men of MBLAQ (collectively or individually) always yielded some amazing photographs for us to count among our treasures, some endorsements also came with fan signs. Such was the case with MBLAQ’s Lecaf campaign.

The pictorial was heavenly. I would argue that G.O is a mysterious celestial being with a sleepy gaze that seems to penetrate to the depths of your soul where only angels are allowed access. I would also argue that Lecaf’s comfortable and relaxed sports apparel wear G.O quite well. Then again, when doesn’t he look good?

I remember a long time ago when I wrote about my experience seeing G.O for the first time interacting with fans. I was very surprised at how comfortable and at ease he was among his fans. I watched in awe how he walked out of the Universal Arts Theater chatting with them, never feeling threatened or rushed. Patiently spending time with them as if they were long-time friends.

It is no surprise then that G.O’s relaxed and easy going (and playful) nature was a perfect fit for Lecaf. And of course the down-to-earth ease within which he interacts with his fans tempers well with the comfortable style of Lecaf’s sports apparel line.

Attentive and adorable.

Connecting with you as you connect with him.


Dreamy bias, to be sure.


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