The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 73

A sweet seventy-three days into G.O’s military service and I am finally revisiting some of his amazing OST work! In this series I have only written about one so far, his Numbness from the Madame Antoine OST and that was 70 posts ago!!! Admittedly, I am still trying to get my footing here with these daily posts and I am trying to be judicious in offering a little something from all he has done. Likewise, I am trying to make it interesting, but sometimes my heart takes over and things get wishy-washy. Fair warning, this will be one of those posts because his song from the Doctor Stranger OST, 내일이 안 올 것처럼 [Like Tomorrow Won’t Come] is my favorite of his OST songs, and probably one of the most touching, emotional and beautiful love ballads he has ever sung…as well as also had a hand in composing.

Lately this song has been popping up in rotation on playlist. And when it does, I have to stop whatever it is I am doing (including driving) to close my eyes and just listen. To let it pour over me, around me and through me. To allow G.O’s voice, his gloriously beautiful voice, to invade and fill every chasm of my heart with every note. Sometimes when you listen to a song that you haven’t listened to in a while, it is like hearing it for the first time. And all of the emotions and feelings experienced in the first listen come flooding back.

At some point, you became my daily life
Can I dare endure through a single day without you?
I can’t even imagine

I love you like tomorrow won’t come
I love you like I’ll never see you again
Each of my days grow a new skin with love rather than scars

Tears keep falling inside because I’m so thankful

Like I’ll close my eyes when today passes
Like there is no tomorrow

I’ll fill each minute, each second with memories instead of tears

내일이 안 올 것처럼 [Like Tomorrow Won’t Come] is the quintessential love song and G.O sings it with all of the longing and desperation of a man in love. To say you will love someone as if there is no tomorrow, as if you will never see that person again; this is a love that has no bounds, no rhyme….no reason. It is all encompassing. Larger than ourselves. This will sound absolutely absurd (and perhaps a little insane), but I totally understand this love…finally. And, for the first time in my life.

When G.O sings the line: 고마워서 내안에서 자꾸만 눈물이나 [Tears keep falling inside because I’m so thankful], unleashing that powerful note, you have to agree that in addition to the the poignancy of the lyrics, his voice is simply miraculous. If you also take a moment to listen to the instrumental version of the song, you will truly experience the beauty of its melody. I sincerely hope G.O never stops composing and writing music (EVER).

I know my bias towards him probably makes me hyper sensitive to the way he composes, writes and definitely sings (and well just about everything else about him), but it is hard to not feel something when he sings or appreciate the gorgeous melodies he composes. If you really listen, you will feel what I mean.~^^


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  1. Nan says:

    BTW, that is my favorite also Michele. I have a few Korean songs that I play right before I sleep… Rain’s “Slowly”, Kim Junsu’s “Lullaby” and G.O.’s “Like Tomorrow Won’t Come” being probably the top 3.
    The common thing about all 3 songs? Each singer and song in their own way… makes the listener feel… cherished… Loved.

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