The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 72

One cannot deny that G.O and Jung Juri had a special chemistry working opposite each other. I think one of the reasons they worked well together was that they both had great comedic timing, were not afraid to push the envelope a little, and simply liked each other. G.O has a natural comfort around women (perhaps because he was raised with two older sisters) and Juri knew that G.O possessed a very special intelligence that gave him a quick and playful wit.

G.O and Juri’s take on the choreography from Rain’s Love Song is brilliant. First, the tender set up before the dance, (and perhaps some foreshadowing), G.O reaches for a lock of Juri’s hair which is both sensual and silly (yes, only our G.O could get away with that). They both have their serious performance game faces on as the dance commences, and they are both totally into it. G.O’s body waves are just so……. x_____x.

Then G.O’s inner comedian comes out to play as he grabs Juri’s hair to pull himself up out of the kneeling position he found himself in after that luscious body wave. Priceless.

The best part of course is Juri continuing through the parody even after G.O grabs her hair. She did not even flinch. It was perfectly executed on both their parts. Yes…these two with their wonderful comedic timing. It never feels forced or even scripted. They just have this wonderful natural comedic flow. So much fun to watch.

I can replay this clip ten times in a row and still laugh as hard each time. Moments like these continue to remind of G.O’s sharp and delightful sense of humor.


[Video cr. missflowerinmyheart]


    • Michele says:

      Hi Janus!!!! Omo…yes!! G.O and Juri are just a wonderful combination of chemistry and fun!!! All of the noonas I have ‘shipped him with got married within the past year or two, including Juri!!!! ><

  1. Nan says:

    I had never seen that clip of them before that is so funny!
    And I’ve never seen Rain’s Love Song danced as a couple before either.
    I look forward to hopefully seeing him choreograph and write more songs… and all kinds of things when G.O.’s military service is complete.

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