The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 56

Imagine you worked in the same office with your beloved and had to keep your relationship a secret? Could you do it? I suppose there is a little more leniency in work places these days and dating someone in the office is relatively tolerated. However, I am sure there are places that still ban it, or at best, frown upon it. Our delightful Joo Won and Go Eun in Couples Clinic: Love and War 2 were caught in situation #2 above, they worked together but loved in secret.

Even though they were always at risk (and on the verge) of getting caught constantly, Joo Won and Go Eun found ways to grab a few stolen moments together during the work day. After the elevator emptied, for example.

Or in a stark and secluded stairwell. I completely enjoyed their brief moments of stealing kisses in a stairwell. Although not ideal nor remotely romantic, there was still something exciting about the little secret rendezvous they would take to show their affection. Seriously, G.O and Go Woori were absolutely adorable as the clandestine lovers.

Ok, I admit to some super intense fangirling watching G.O in a romantical role. That’s normal, right? Even for someone of my advance age and otherwise good reason!! Can’t help it. It’s G.O’s gentle ease in front of the camera mixed with his smoldering wild charm (which I don’t think he could sequester if he tried)!

Even though Joo Won appears to have taken a detour from his plan to marry Go Eun (he did propose to her after all), he ultimately realized that what his heart truly wanted, who he truly wanted, was his adorable Go Eun.

My desire to see G.O in a drama as a lead romantic role grows stronger and stronger every time I watch clips of Couples Clinic Love and War 2.  I hope my telepathic encouragement continues to signal him to at least mull over the possibility of further acting roles once he has completed his military service.

Keep mulling, my dearest Byung Hee. Keep mulling . . .


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