The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 57

I cannot speak for the entire A+ nation when I say this, but I think I would have sound argument if I were to suggest that one of the top sexiest MBLAQ songs of all time is the title track from their second mini album, Y. Listening to the volatile lyrics of the song, watching the choreography, and absorbing the intense visuals as they explode from G.O rank Y as one of my absolute MBLAQ favorites.

Now nobody can stop me
I don’t want to be played by you anymore
I’m slowly starting to clench my fist
To begin my revenge

Woooo….this is one anger ball of a song and is perhaps the most aggressive of all of MBLAQ’s dance tracks. Every aspect from the MV to live performances, this song is full on in-your-face aggression. I have to wonder, did Rain and/or JR Groove suffer some horrific break up that resulted in this song (they are the composers/writers)? Usually break up songs are filled with sad lamentations. Aching with longing, regret, pain and heartache.

Not Y.  The scorned lover here is filled with hate and bent on revenge because his girl was either cheating on him or left him for another man. When MBLAQ took to the stage to perform Y, they were fierce, full of fire and intensity.

The man’s lament in this song is not a lament at all, it is a warning imploring his woman to listen to his reason; the why behind his returning the favor of the pain and humiliation he received from her, the woman he loved.

The story played out in the sharp explosive movements of the choreography, the harsh lyrics, and the intense glares they threw at the camera, especially G.O.

Ok so the story in the song does not have a happy ending. Boy loves girl. Girl leaves boy for another boy and/or cheats on boy. Instead of cowering in a corner broken and humiliated, boy becomes relentless in seeking revenge.  Take a moment to revisit the MV . . .

There was no hope of a reconciliation. Nevertheless, the raw power, aggression and blatant masculinity MBLAQ brought to performance after performance of Y puts it on my list as one of MBLAQ’s top sexiest songs. Hmmm…this gives me an idea for future posts here on the Soulful Soldier Countdown to Discharge.~^^

He is perfect.


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