The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 55

June 2013. My emotions teeter from being grateful I was in the dark about MBLAQ at that time, to completely agonizing over why I came to the party late and, hence, missed the Sexy Beat era!! I am comforted in accepting that there is a time and reason for everything and that I fell down the MBLAQ rabbit hole at precisely the moment chosen for me to do so. Still, had I been there in June 2013, I would have had the pleasure of having my senses repeatedly annihilated by G.O, his penetrating gaze, and sensual Sexy Beat style.

In the June 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan Korea (probably released in late May), the five sophisticates of MBLAQ were featured complete with photo shoot and interview on the eve of their comeback with their fifth mini album, Sexy Beat. Like I mentioned in an early countdown post, A Little G.O Sexy Beat, the music boys of MBLAQ had shifted style gears for their comeback. Mature and elegant the boys were boys no more.

G.O looked soft, sensual and sultry. His partially shaved head with a blast of purple highlight teemed with both sophistication and edge. I am of the school of thought that G.O can wear his hair any which way he pleases. I feel the same way about clothes where he is concerned. In my opinion, the clothes and hair do not make the man, the man (G.O) makes the clothes and hair. It is in the relaxed way G.O carries himself. When you are comfortable in who you are, you wear everything well.

It is always an absolute pleasure to watch G.O. Be it a photo shoot, the red carpet, performances, acting or playful fan signs, G.O is consistently G.O: Authentic. Grounded. Passionate. Humble. Engaging. And, I cannot forget…..incredibly handsome and forever sweet.

Oh my…the sweet handsome, indeed.


[Video cr. CosmpolitanKorea]

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