The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 30

The more I revisit the dramas where G.O was cast in minor (but memorable) roles, the more I ache to see him take on a leading role – as in the lead who shows-up-in-every-episode role. And drama gods, if you are listening, please make the drama 20+ episodes in length. Jaebaaaaaal!!!


While it was often lauded that Lee Joon was MBLAQ’s resident actor, producers and directors have nevertheless kept a vested interest and watchful eye on the groups main vocal, G.O. While G.O’s acting resumé is not as nearly robust as Joon’s, it still reveals that he has some decent acting chops of his own, proving that not only can he hold his own opposite seasoned actors such as So Ji Sub (I will be featuring G.O’s turn as a computer whiz kid turned cyber crime detective in 유령 [Ghost], at some point over the course of this series), but that he has an ease in front of the camera that captivates and draws you in.

In 2013, G.O had a cameo role playing the young version of character Choi Min Soo in the KBS2 family/comedy drama 일말의 순정 [Pure/Remaining Love] which began airing in February of that year. I think it may have been his first romantic role and oh my…….!  He would later star in an episode of Couples Clinic Love & War 2 where he would also get romantical. I really long to see him in a romantic leading role – drama, movie or musical. I’m not picky! As much as I love to hear him sing, I think he should also explore acting more because I feel he has a natural affinity towards it and is also really good. But please Byung Hee..don’t ever stop singing!

Pure Love is 120 episodes long and I have not been able to find it subbed. I believe G.O cameo-ed in Episodes 1, 2, 6, 15 and 48. If I am missing any episodes in that list, give me a holler! Also, if it is somewhere out there subbed, let me know.^^

His young Choi Min Soo played opposite Secret’s Song Ji Eun who was the younger version of character Kang Soo Ji. And yes, yes, yes they were adorable opposite each other, with an evident and comfortable chemistry. When you trust the actors and actresses you work with, I believe it comes through in the performance. I also love that even when Ji Eun is wearing 5-inch heels, she is still looks so petite and diminutive next to G.O. Yeah, I am weird like that and notice these things. ><

I have to be honest. I really do not know what the drama is about. Likewise I am really not sure is going on in the scenes I have watched G.O in. Nevertheless, it does not take away from the fact that he has a natural easy presence on camera. When I watch him, it doesn’t feel (at least to me) like he is acting. It just feels like he is the character. This was also evident when I saw him in Seopyeonje and 바람의나라.

A few sweet moments . . .

I will come back later in the days of this countdown to visit this drama again. Until then, I hope this little tidbit gives you a little more G.O to love.

The cute is overwhelming!!!


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  1. Nan says:

    Omo… wet G.O. is devastating! Yeah, G.O. has a future in acting if he so chooses. Joonie’s acting skills don’t exactly thrill me. And Thunder, well I think he’s got a better chance with the acting than the solo career. It will be interesting to see where life has taken them in say… 10 years.

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