The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 23

Home alone in your bedroom, your parents conveniently away enjoying the evening (or perhaps weekend) at a jjimjilbang, and your adorable boyfriend shows up with some beer and a smile. Conditions are indeed ripe for romance!

Have you fallen in love with G.O yet? This is the 23rd post for The Soulful Soldier Countdown to Discharge and inasmuch as I have created this series (well, countdown) to soothe my restless heart while I await his return from dutifully completing his military service, it is also my hope that whoever is reading these micro-shrines to G.O are also feeling the pull of his powerful and incandescent allure.

I am sneaking in another snippet from the special idol episode of Couples Clinic Love & War 2 entitled 사랑하기 때문에 [Because I Love You] which starred G.O opposite Go Woori of the girl group Rainbow because I rather enjoy seeing G.O get his romance on in a drama. Cute couple Joo Won and Go Eun work at the same company, are dating in secret, and are adorably in love. The moments outside of the workplace allow them the freedom to be uninhibited in their mutual affection towards each other.

Too cute!! G.O and Go Woori’s sweet on-screen chemistry had me thinking they would be an equally sweet off-screen couple as well! She’s adorable and he is……well, he is G.O!

The way he keeps eye contact with Go Woori when going in for the kiss. Oh my . . .

I cannot imagine there ever being a ‘chemistry’ problem for any actress who plays opposite G.O but then again, I believe he is the end all, be all of fabulousness who has a chemistry all of his own that leaves its mark on all projects he participates in, and bewitches all of the participants also engaged in those projects. Well, maybe not bewitch…..hehehe! More like his work ethic and dedication, (in addition to his talent) leave a lasting impression.

Indeed, he’s left his mark on me.


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