The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 22

Over the past year, we have seen G.O often in deep, rich colors, usually black (which he wears quite well). But how about we travel back in time a bit to a March 2011 Maeryo House photoshoot, where he wore the muted hues of blue, taupe and white. Even the softest and most gentlest of angels created in heaven would find it difficult to match his ethereal presence in these photos.~😍

His hair was a deep, rich auburn, artfully windswept, pushed up off of his forehead enhancing his delicately proportioned jaw line, cute-as-a-button nose and exquisitely shaped lips.

This attire…… casual yet stylish. Comfortable.  Soft. Hmmmm, pretty much how I would describe him.^^ He is wearing this ensemble well, isn’t he?

G.O’s dreamy eyes that can say so much even if he does not speak.

His playful spirit full of mischief. That gentle smirk is priceless……..♥!

His subtle but magnetic flirtatiousness is wickedly disarming. I just adore that hint of a smile which gently reaches his eyes.

Yes, I dare say…G.O is pure art in human form.


[Image cr. Maeryo House]

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