When Your Bias Gets Nostalgic

G.O as James Dean

Just five days shy of his 29th birthday, G.O took to his twitter account and posted two pictures and our collective hearts exploded with warmth over his sweet nostalgia.

First, with (I believe) his father with a caption that read:

It was a time when I was young. But now I am already 29!!

2015-11-01 09_56_14-G.O (@MBLAQGO) _ Twitter

And, a second with maybe his mother:

When I was in junior high school.

2015-11-01 10_17_49-G.O (@MBLAQGO) _ Twitter

Such sweetness!!

I cannot help but notice something about G.O and pictures, and must comment. What I see recurring often in his pictures is his penchant for leaning into, against, or otherwise having some kind of physical contact with the person (or persons) in the photograph with him. Family, friends, fans – it does not seem to matter. But it is something that I must call attention to as it is so incredibly heart-warming to me that he has the presence of mind and heart to make the moment captured in a picture one filled with warmth and importance. Almost as if he is honored to be standing next to you, to be sharing a frame with you. See how he leans into his father’s arm and how his mother is cradled into him with his head ever-so slightly tilted towards her. So much warmth and love. Oh, and that head tilt.

Further evidence of my observation:







[One of my absolute favorites!!]


[Leaning into Kim Moon Jung while his head tilts towards Yoon Il Sang~~~♥]



20151019_113617 (1)

[If you did not know, you would think they were a couple!! ~ This is the warmth I speak of.]

I have realized many of my dreams when it comes to G.O from seeing him perform live, to meeting him in person. And even though I think I may have had my picture taken with him, it was not of the coveted standing beside him variety. Somehow I am not sure I would survive it…but I am definitely willing to risk it should the opportunity present itself.^^

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    • Michele says:

      Thanks, Nan….however, should it never come to pass, I am still completely satisfied with the adventures and moments he has been kind enough to allow me to experience.^^

  1. kfangurl says:

    Aw, he looks exactly the same when he was a kid! Very cute!!! Also, I’m sure you’ll get your photo taken with him soon. In your next fangirl adventure! ^^

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