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Birthday Byung Hee

Today is Byung Hee’s birthday (well, Seoul time). His 29th. I struggle to find ways that would celebrate him in the manner and to the extent he deserves. I come up empty. Empty because nothing would be remotely adequate. He deserves to be celebrated. Not just today, but every day. I am going to go all new age-y on you here for moment and say (with honesty and certainty), there are simply not many like him who grace Earth and allow us the honor of such presence. I am of the opinion that there are those people who walk among us who hold special light. Those marked for greatness. Those destined to shine. MBLAQ’s main vocal man G.O is one of those beings. And I am not shy about telling everyone that over and over!

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I think I found a small way to celebrate him today. Because he inspires me to be more, do more and just give more, to commemorate his 29th year here on Earth, I am going to donate $100USD in his name to K.E.Y.S. [ Kids Empowered By Your Support], a non-profit organization in Bridgeport, Connecticut. What does K.E.Y.S. do? Well, it is something I am confident G.O would heartily approve:

KEYS provides private cello, piano, violin, viola, clarinet, flute, trumpet, alto sax, and classical and popular guitar lessons, taught by experienced instructors, during the school day to Bridgeport children whose families do not have the means to pay for music instruction. KEYS also conducts music awareness, music fundamentals, and group drumming and other classes, all on school grounds, both after-school and during the summer.

As I will make the donation in G.O’s name, I plan to also include in the donation package a few copies of MBLAQ’s latest CD, Mirror. I am always looking for an opportunity to spread MBLAQ love!! It is nice to celebrate him giving the gift of music, right? For more information on K.E.Y.S., you can click here.

Ok, with matters of business now taken care of, I will let my heart close out this post. As you know, I am always happy to extend even more space here on my blog to G.O ~ obviously!!! And as is evident, I do not need a special occasion to do so! However, since it is his special day, I recognize and honor it thusly by wishing G.O with all of my heart, a very soulful, happy, healthy, fun-filled, and extremely love-filled birthday!♥

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