[event] Merry MBLAQ Christmas Packages – The Details

MBLAQ GO Christmas

It is confirmed that 10 MBLAQ Christmas packages will indeed go out to 10 worthy fans. The elves have now revealed to me details of the whos, the hows, and the whens.

M3LAQ Christmas

Beginning November 6th (my beloved bias G.O’s birthday), I would like to begin taking your nominations for the recipients of a MBLAQ Christmas Package. Can you nominate yourself? Sure, why not?!! But the elves and I would love to hear a little about you (or your nomination). For example, tell us why you (or your nomination) adore MBLAQ. Who your (or your nomination’s) bias is (this will help in determining what the package may contain if chosen). And any other information you wish to impart upon us. The elves particularly enjoy fangirl/fanboy squee, so they encourage you to go for it!!^^

The nominations will be taken through Sunday, November 15th. Where should you send the nominations? The elves have it all worked out. They have set up a dedicated email for this event: mblaqchristmas@gmail.com. When you send your nomination, please include in the subject line of the email: MBLAQ Christmas Package Nomination. This way the elves will be able to keep everything in order! The process will include: the nomination period, the negotiation period (this is when a secret panel of elves and myself will discuss who will receive a package), announcement of recipients and finally, the distribution of the Christmas Packages.

Dates to keep in mind:

Nomination Period:  November 6 – November 15
Negotiation Period:  November 16 – November 20
Announcement of Recipients:  November 23
Distribution of MBLAQ Christmas Packages:  The week of December 1

By the way, when recipients are announced, it will not be disclosed what they will receive. That will remain a surprise.^^

The elves and I sincerely hope many fans will participate as there will be some really wonderful gifts in the packages which may include autographed CDs, rare and limited edition items, fanart goods and more. I guarantee that the elves will negotiate hard on behalf of the recipients. They will surely encourage me to send some truly special treasures!^^~♥

MBLAQ Sparkle

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  1. kfangurl says:

    My dear.. I’m not *surprised* by this, coz you are ever so generous & sweet, but I’m still blown away by just HOW generous this giveaway is! You go, girl, spreadin’ all that MBLAQ love. Big hugs to ya! <3

    • Michele says:

      Young Miss…..my life has not been the same after G.O. Thank you for all of your love and support!! Bigger hugs back at ya!!!

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