Glancing In The Mirror – MBLAQ Teaser MV


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At midnight on June 5, 2015, J Tune Camp released a 48-second teaser video of MBLAQ’s upcoming release Mirror, and with it unleashed a wave of emotion that rushed over us culminating the last eight months of mystery, wondering and worrying.

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The images of the teaser show the three members of MBLAQ looking contemplative and introspective and the music, the quick clip we hear, seems to begin tell a story of pain. Not only in the words that come from G.O, but in the emotion that cradles those words.

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The men of MBLAQ have been through some changes over these past eight months, the toughest of which being the loss of two of their members, Lee Joon and Cheondung. This change has not been an easy one for either the fans, or them.

Nevertheless, the music is still strong. They have grown. They have matured. They have weathered a few storms. The tender piano and emotional vocals foreshadow a tight composition this piece is destined to be. We can rest easy in knowing that Seung Ho, G.O and Mir are going to produce a powerful album, their 8th overall, but the first as a trio.

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And could that jacket, so strategically placed in the empty spot in the backseat of the car, be symbolic of the member or members who are no longer there, but very present in the hearts of these three amazing young men?

Mirror is set to release on June 9, 2015.

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