The Sweetest Scent Is G.O


The winds shifted in Seoul today and the sweet aroma of a quiet prince filled the air.

More than two months have passed since we have seen MBLAQ’s beautiful main vocal man, G.O. And, three months and twelve days since he tweeted. Yeah, I suppose I was counting after all. Like many A+ (and especially those of us who call him our bias), we have missed him terribly. Given the events of late 2014, however, I know that time is often the best remedy to work through change.


The wait was well worth it and it could not have smelled any sweeter! Today, Prestige scent brand ‘Scentlier’ held its launching event at Aston House in the Sheraton-Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, and with it ushered in a freshly goatee-ed, G.O.


Time, and perhaps a hiatus from social media while writing and producing a new album have been good to him. He looks well and more importantly, at ease. Renewed, as it were……like spring, itself.

And the handsome goes without saying…..


Perhaps the best part of the day, however, was that HE finally let us know that he was doing just fine when he tweeted to us all: “Long time no see. I am doing well,” complete with a selca:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.18.47 AM


More G.O from the Scentlier event:

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    • Michele says:

      You are the best!!!!!!! Thank you for the support and thank you for supporting our beautiful Byung Hee!! He is glowing and blossoming!!~~~~~♥♥

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