The Color for Spring is BLAQ


Ok yeah, it was a rough autumn and a rather excruciating winter. Coupled with that, the prolonged hibernation of our beloved three MBLAQ teddy bears hasn’t helped matters much either. Yet as we enter spring, it seems they have begun to push themselves through the soil of those darker days and are starting to re-blossom as a music-making trio. With news of a new album in the works, hope does indeed spring eternal.


Apparently, so does the level of uncontainable A+ squee. On March 18th, my Twitter blew up with news of MBLAQ releasing a new album in May, or potentially late April. Ever since the curtain dropped back on November 30, 2014 on what was deemed the end of MBLAQ’s first chapter, we have been waiting, hanging, wondering, hoping to hear what their next step would be moving forward as a threesome. And while Joon settled into his role as In Sang in the SBS drama Heard It Through The Grapevine and Thunder scorched up the pages of CeciCosmopolitan, and Nylon magazines, there was still a deafening silence coming from our trio, even with news of the album.

But, spring has a way of lightening things up, so speak. Yes, the days are longer and the temperatures are climbing and perhaps that in and of itself is a recipe for mischief. Then again, maybe the recipe for mischief contains one simple ingredient: Mir.


Mir has been our constant. Always the one to drop by the cafe for a chat. Always the one to send out a tweet when anxiety through the fandom is at maximum capacity. He just understands. Always. He knows how to calm us and how to make us smile. He has that sixth sense when it comes to the fans. Just when we are about to go over the edge of worry and uncertainty, he always shows up to pull us back. Always.

His sneak attack then on Seung Ho capturing a secret pic while leader man was in the midst of recording (and then tweeting it) was cheeky, but not surprising. Mir and his mischief. It is something even our strong and steady leader is not immune to.

CBBXyRvUwAEb0Tf (1)

However, the maknae should know by now that a panda, although tolerant, is not adverse to retaliation. Seung Ho struck back with his own sneak attack on mischief-maker, Mir.

CBB6ID9UQAAz2ix (1)

And thusly tweeted his “복수” ~ Revenge.

The best part of this recent Twitter banter between Mir and Seung Ho is two-fold. On one hand, it gave A+ some much-needed confirmation that MBLAQ was back in the studio recording and that the news on March 18th of an album release coming soon was most certainly valid.

Secondly, it gave the fandom a sigh of relief that the men of MBLAQ were slowly making their way back to us in the playful and expressive manner in which we have grown so accustomed to but have sorely missed these past many months. It is a sure indication that things are getting back to normal and they, too, are healing.

But….what of my bias? He who remains so silent.


Well… seems that even to Seung Ho, our lovable “털” remains a mystery. Inasmuch as I miss hearing from him, I have to believe that when the time is right, we will hear from G.O. If that message comes through the songs he has written, composed and arranged on the new album, I will be satisfied. It is no secret G.O is an eloquent writer and speaker…..but when he communicates through music, it is then we fully realize and feel the scope, magnitude, and essence of who he is. I can wait for that.

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