Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


A couple of years ago I sat down with a Jyotishi to have a look at my birth chart in order to see how my karmic path was affecting my present life. Yes, I realize that sounds like a bunch of new-agey hocus pocus.  But, I happen to believe in the inexplicable beauty of how the universe and our lives collide. I am weird like that.

Jyotish, or the science of light, is actually an ancient form of astrology that has been practiced for centuries throughout India. It is a Vedic science that basically describes the planetary patterns at the time of our birth and can give us valuable clues to understanding our life’s journey. When the Jyotishi asked me if I liked to write, I casually said yes. He then told me with urgent insistence to start writing and to begin right away because it would change my life forever.

 2012-08-24-ScreenShot20120823at2.36.43PMI admit, I was  a little freaked out. Up until that point the writing I had primarily engaged in was in the form of letters to family and friends. Ironically, however, I had been an avid follower of Kfangurl’s, extraordinary blog The Fangirl Verdict. I started off a complete fangirl of her blog (still am) and subsequently befriended her. I admired so much what she was doing on her blog and toyed with the idea of starting my own blog (hearing the Jyotishi’s nagging voice in the back of my head the whole while). Kfangurl is many amazing things – but for me she is a dear friend who provided a mentorship that I really can never begin to thank her for. Her encouragement was the push I needed to fulfill the Jyotishi’s prophecy.

The other thing the Jyotishi mentioned to me during that fateful read was that I would begin to build amazing relationships once I embarked upon the exercise of writing. He said, however, “I am not talking about a relationship of the male-female kind.” Well…dammit, why not Mr. Jyotishi??? Rather, he said it would be a relationship with women I will share like-minded dreams and interests with. He said, “and it will be a huge sisterhood, there will be many women.” YEAH…he called it a sisterhood. So to be nominated by two sister bloggers for a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award seems to be bringing this sister (me) somewhat full circle, wouldn’t you say?

The two delightful little sisters of this incredible sisterhood who have nominated me for this blogger award are Kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict and Nelly of MyMyooz. My goodness, they like me…they really, really like me! And this is saying a lot for them because seriously, I am a handful! Both are excellent bloggers, extraordinary women, and dear friends. I thank them not only for this cheeky award, but more importantly for their indelible friendships.

On to the award.

The Rules


Yes, there are always rules (and I always tend to break them as you shall see):

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions they have sent you.
  • Make up ten questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten people.

 The Questions

From Kfangurl:

1.  If you didn’t have a blog, how would you be spending your spare time?

Dream Wish

I learned something from my little Love Package campaign – I really enjoy giving. Really really love it! If I had all the time in the world (and considerable funding…hehehe – and this includes time away from blogging and real life commitments), I think I would be setting up some kind of non-profit for fangirls around the globe to help make their dreams come true. Your fave group (K-pop or otherwise) coming to your city but you can’t afford a ticket? BOOM ~ my foundation will buy that for you. Your bias starring in a musical and you dream of seeing him (or her) in that musical? POW ~ my foundation will send you there, find you a place to stay, and hook you up with tickets.

OMG….this would be awesomeness of the grandest kind. I think a new value for volume would be instituted: squee volume! I can see myself doing something like this in a heartbeat.

2.  Do your family, friends, colleagues know about your blog? Why or why not? And if they do know about it, what do they think?

 crazy-funny-quotesThe answer to this question is yes, for the most part. The people who are close to me and know me, know that I blog and what I blog about. What do they think? I would say generally they think I am crazy and could be utilizing my time doing something more constructive.  To them I simply say pfffffffffft! I think I am being highly constructive along with a little dab of creative.^^

3.  Have you met blogosphere friends in Real Life? If yes, what was that like? If not, would you want to, given the chance?


No, not yet….but yes, I would love to meet all of them some day. I am still gunning to be the first to get Kfangurl’s autograph!!

4.  If money were no object, what gift would you give to a loved one (significant other, family, friend; you pick) and why?

CAbNR7ZUQAAVZ48Even though I am not sure they would accept it (or even want it), at this very moment of answering this question, I would gift MBLAQ (and especially G.O) their freedom from binding and exclusive agency contracts by buying them completely away from their current agency (I would negotiate hard and would win…fighting!!). Next, I would hire them sound and honest counsel to guide them through their decision-making as it pertains to their careers. Then after all was secure, I would step back and watch them shine even brighter than they already do!

Can you tell I work in a law firm? Why would I do this? Because I do not want them to ever be constrained by a conglomerate more interested in making money than nurturing their talent.

5. Since this is a sisterhood type of award, who’s your favorite female celeb (actress, singer, comedienne, doesn’t matter) and what do you love about her?


I have been a fan of Ms. Portman’s ever since I saw her in this little movie called Where The Heart Is. Inasmuch as I think she is stunning, her character in that movie was this gentle, almost frumpy, unassuming 17-year old girl whose boyfriend ditches her in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Oh…and, she’s pregnant, very pregnant. With nowhere to go, she camps out in the Wal-Mart and on a stormy night gives birth right there in the sporting goods section. She goes on to rebuild her life based around the rich and meaningful relationships she makes as she journeys through single motherhood blossoming into an extraordinary and lovely woman. It is a sweet story about self-discovery, acceptance, redemption, and forgiveness. There was something about the way she played her character, Novalee Nation (love the name) that I really appreciated.

Natalie has an effortless charm on the screen. It wasn’t until Black Swan when I truly realized her ilk as an actress. She blew me away – as disturbing as her character’s downward spiral was, Natalie was superb, and earned that Oscar, in my opinion.

The other facet of Natalie that I appreciate is her intelligence. She is a Harvard grad with a degree in psychology. When she decided to go to college she actually said, “I don’t care if college ruins my career. I’d rather be smart than a movie star.” Badass.

From Nelly:

1.  If you were lucky enough to win a lottery, what would you do?


See answer to #4 above!! It’s a no-brainer for me, I would help MBLAQ in every way imaginable, with special attention going towards the extremely handsome one in the center!♥ I would also continue helping their fandom. Oh…I’d probably help my family and maybe pay off a few debts.^^ Some may say my priorities are a little out-of-order and perhaps completely whack! So be it.

2.  If time is not an issue, name one thing you would like to do or give to yourself.


Jjimjilbang!! Yes, a full day, well-into-the evening jjimjilbang experience. Maybe even accidentally get locked in over night. I would want to get the best bang for my buck as well the full on Korean spa experience.

3.  I am a fan of Gilmore Girls. Are you? If you are, are you a Lorelai or Rory? If not, why not?


What is a Gilmore Girl?

4.  Pick one: gold, silver or platinum. And why.


Platinum. It has remarkable brilliance and sits after silver but before gold on the periodic table, so to me it encompasses attributes from both making it a very smart element. Oh, and its element number is 78. That was a good year for me for starters, but also if you reverse that number you get 87, which is the year my bias was born.  Did I mention I was a geek? Yeah, well, I am.^^

5.  If you can choose a blogging partner, or add another blogger to your blog, who would you choose?


Before you start judging me, hear me out!!! I would choose Byung Hee as a blogging partner for a number of reasons. One, I would get to communicate with him often. Win. I could stop with that reason right there, but there are other  reasons I would choose him.

He is a wordsmith and can turn a great sentence. He was once asked in an interview what subject in school he excelled at. His answer was the Korean language. So even if his posts were in Korean (which they most assuredly would be), they would be in perfect and creative Korean and the blog would attract an entirely new and vast audience. Win. Win.

Next, his high IQ would certainly raise the intelligence quotient of the blog exponentially. Intelligent posts are informative. I have a feeling he would write about some very interesting and thought-provoking subjects. Win. Win. Win.

Finally, he is a lyricist and therefore would bring a romantic je ne sais quoi to the blog that would keep fangirls coming back for more. Win….infinity.

My Nominees


I am going to keep this very short, sweet and simple by totally breaking the rules and paring down the nominees to three with three questions! Seeing how my beloved MBLAQ is now a trio, I have a special fondness for the number 3. My nominees:

Kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict: I am returning the nod because I always enjoy learning more about her and she always makes these award posts thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable.

Nelly of My Myooz: Also returning the nod. Nelly puts up with so much from me but I really have her to blame for my crazy. If she hadn’t introduced me to G.O, I’d still be normal. But it is this shared love for such a special bias that has bonded us for all eternity. I consider us sisters so basically, she is stuck with me. She is cheeky, adorable and fun and I love that her young-at-heart playfulness always shines through her posts.

Dewaanifordrama of Samsoon Down The Rabbit Hole: I admire anyone who writes about K-drama because it is a discipline I could never adhere to…for real. Deewani is one of those blogging sisters. But she also loves K-pop so she is enjoying the best of both worlds! I always appreciate her happy squees over my ridiculous adventures stalking, er..uh supporting G.O.

Sisters…your questions:

1.  Which of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) best describes you and why?

2.  Which western actor or actress would you like to see star opposite a Korean actor and actress and why do think the pairing would work?

3.  How has your love for K-drama and/or K-pop changed your life – that is, if either have in fact changed it?



  1. missienelly says:

    Kyaaaaaa…. I hope you get to watch Gilmore Girls someday. The show is just too cool to be missed. But I love your answer to the platinum. I’m a 78’er and wondered if anyone crack that mystery! You did!

    Thanks for nominating me back! It’s really an honor to receive it from you ^^

    • Michele says:

      Haahahaha!! I think you have known me long enough to know that I have an endless capacity for useless information! If the choice was between gold and silver, I would have gone silver…but when you threw platinum in the mix, ahhhhh….to me that is the ultimate element when it comes to the metals. I love!

      If, by some miracle, I return to western television, I will check out your Gilmore Girls. If it will help me become more girly, I may need to use it as both entertainment and therapy!^^

      Of course I would bestow a sisterhood award on such a special sister. I kept my questions short and sweet so as to not be an annoying sister which, by the way, is perfectly acceptable when you are an unni!! We have full license to annoy!^^

    • Michele says:

      Patsiiii!!!! Thank you! I was thinking that we were coming up to the second anniversary of DC…….oh my gosh that weekend still seems so surreal to me! That was my first true fangirl experience and I am happy to have been able to inaugurate it with you! I think in many ways, I will always be a Cloud even though my heart completely belongs to G.O!!! But it was the Clouds who welcomed me to my first fandom so I will forever treasure them…..even if some think I am a betrayer!^^

      Thank you for your never-ending support and encouragement of what I do here. I have slacked off a little but with a potential MBLAQ comeback on the horizon and a possible return to the musical stage by Byung Hee, I think things will begin to pick up!!

      Take care..thank you again! Love you!!

    • Michele says:

      Awwwwzzzz…thank you my dearest (and fiercest) little A+ sister!! G.O’s noona…..hehehehehe! I like that. I would be willing to work tirelessly to earn that title!^^

      Thank you for supporting my little space here. I need to step things up a bit and start churning out those 116 reasons why I love that guy like I do! (Not that I need any other reason than the fact that he is G.O~~~!!)

      Thank you, again! xoxoxoxoxxo

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