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April 5, 2014 ~ The Night an Idol Stole My Heart



It was only my second visit to Seoul. I was alone. The night was clear and cool. I arrived to the theater late, too late to see the show. I arrived with no expectations, the least of which to have my heart irrevocably stolen….with a smile and a handshake. Today (albeit Easter for most) marks the one year anniversary of the very evening I had the honor, the privilege, and the pleasure of coming face-to-face with G.O, the musical actor…or more appropriately ~ G.O, the charming man. To say it was life-changing is putting it mildly.


[Trust me….that’s him.^^]

Even though I have already written about my experiences of the night of April 5, 2014, (and shared all of these pictures) I could not let this day pass without commemorating that amazing evening. I am – for lack of a better term – sentimental. All I was equipped with that night was my cell phone and a smile. And nothing could have prepared me for seeing him walk out of the theater so matter-of-factly, glowing from yet another superb performance in his role as Dong Ho in the musical Seopyeonje.

That night indeed changed my life forever.


Apart from becoming completely submerged in incessant fangirling over the man, I embarked on a journey that has expanded every imaginable realm associated with becoming part of a fandom. As a result, I have met some truly amazing people from all over the globe, have widened my horizons, and have built some truly deep and meaningful relationships. I learned something that evening from G.O about being attentive, kind and generous. Those few moments of looking him straight in the eyes and feeling the touch of his warm hand softened and opened my heart in the most gentle, expressive and meaningful way. I have to celebrate this day, if anything…for that alone.

I am changed. Reorganized. New. All because of that amazing night. All because of that amazing, talented and charming man.

[All images are my very own.^^]

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7 thoughts on “April 5, 2014 ~ The Night an Idol Stole My Heart

  1. This made my eyes tear up, Michele! Has it really been a whole year? I haven’t been able to keep up with G.O much (and you know why, LOL). 😉 What is he up to these days? The breakup seemed so hard on him… do you think he’s doing better these days? I hope so. I hope all of the boys are doing well. Joon seems to be thriving.

    Stephe ^@@^

    • Hi Stephe….yes, a year and so much has changed in that year it seems. I can only hope he is doing well and as far as we know, he, Seung Ho and Mir are recording their next album which is schedule to release either later this month or early May.

      I think the break up was extremely hard on him. He took the stage in Gimhae back on January 16th for two solo songs but that has been all we have heard and/or seen of him since.

      My hope is to see him in a musical this year (or at least before he heads to the military). Yes…Joon is doing so very very well. I am enjoying his work as a actor but admit I will miss his voice and visuals as part of MBLAQ. Sigh….

      I know that Big Daddy Rain is keeping all of his Clouds very busy with all his recent activity!! And then there is real life….

      I hope and trust all is well with you and yours. I followed your time in Hawaii and it looks like you and Terri had a wonderful visit. That island is still on my bucket list!!!!^^

      Love you!! Be well~~💕

      • I’m looking forward to the new album from the three. I’ll be keeping ByungHee in my prayers, bless him… ♡

        Yeah, had an amazing time in Hawaii, hope to go back one day… Unfortunately, I came home really sick because the actual traveling back and forth messed my body up (I’m diabetic), but I enjoyed every minute with Geri and the girls and all our Cloud sisters and seeing the sites. Love you too! Take care up there. Miss ya^^ 🙂

  2. All this… just fate♡
    Beautiful….How much this is great and precious~~~~~♡
    Hopefully many more meetings to come ><!!!!

    • Omoooo Marlena……I just can’t!! The moment I made the decision to go see him on the stage in Seopyeonje, my life became a dream. HE is a dream! And, because of him, I met you! Double bonus!! Thank you my fierce A+ sister, for being part of this incredible dream.❤️

  3. Reading this post brings back memories of that very night… You sent me a kakao message and I was so much in shocked! Has it been a year? Time flies… I wanna touch those precious hands too! Here’s too many precious memories from him to us in future! *raises glass*

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