That Ridiculously Surreal Fangirl Moment You Cannot Believe Actually Happened

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I was truly hoping that video of the May 30, 2014 MBLAQ online Meet & Greet would be uploaded so I could rewatch it to make sure I was not hallucinating the events of that afternoon (well, it was early, EARLY morning for me). MWave obliged. It really happened. That sweet and furry bias of mine, G.O, visibly shocked at seeing my picture, remembered me, mentioned he knew who I was and told Seungho, Cheondoong, Mir and everyone watching how I came to Seoul to see him in his musicals. It was indeed one of the most surreal moments in my life and one I won’t soon forget.

It was not enough that I got to see G.O in two musicals in pretty much a one month span of time AND that I had the opportunity to shake his hand….more than once. I suppose I am just a glutton for fangirl spazz. And apparently I had not had my fill of G.O’s incredibly warm-hearted and sincere fan appreciation because more came rushing at me full force during the MWave online Meet & Greet last week.

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Yes, it was even surreal to hear that silly maknae Mir calling me “Myyyykuuul”. I cannot fault him for that, however. He was simply having too much fun with it and was clearly entertaining his hyungs, G.O included.

G.O’s thoughtful and sincere explanation seemed to have even caught the attention of Cheondoong and Seungho. Gosh, he is such a sweetheart! By the way, there were so many pictures of me on the tile mosaic they pull up because I bought many copies of their CD.  Yes, I am crazy like that!!

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Really, though, you have to watch it and tell me if you would have trouble wrapping your brain around something like this or at best, be able to contain your spazz!!!

Am I right?!!  You’d be spazzing, too – I’m sure of it! ^.^

[Video credit: MWave]


    • Michele says:

      OMG Patsiiii, he has changed my life forever and turned my world upside – and, I could not be happier. He is authentic, thoughtful and really the sweetest guy. I just adore him!

    • Michele says:

      Thank you!! Oh yes….Mir is so cheeky! He made me laugh, too! G.O is an amazing artist who has the kindest most appreciative heart. I adore him.♥

    • Michele says:

      Thanks, Terri! When they scrolled to that page and I saw all of my pictures I knew I was in trouble!!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Diana!!

      He is just such a special young man!!

      And I kid you not…he is so easy to LOVE! He is perhaps the most warm-hearted young celebrity I will probably ever meet. Matched only in greatness by his incredible talent. I was SOOOO nervous when he clicked on to the page with my pictures all over the place. And that, too, has me in shock. There were 4 of them parsing through the pictures and he happens to be the one who gets the page with the majority of my pics. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??!! If I wasn’t the 3rd place top buyer, I have to wonder if he would have even clicked on it. ???

      The funny part is that just hours before they started streaming live, I decided to change my profile picture to one of actually me. Had I not done that, he would have never known it was me. For him to acknowledge me like that is very special. He did not have to do it. But G.O acts from the heart. This is the only way I can describe it. He is so authentic. He recognized me immediately and he couldn’t even fight his own surprise I think…LOL!!!

      I love him for being the most sincerest, sweetest and most gracious young man ever. He absolutely does make fangirl dreams come true. Such an amazingly nice man.♥

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