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바람의나라 (The Kingdom of The Winds) – Final Thoughts of G.O’s Prince Hodong

Kingdom Leads

As I sit down to gather my final thoughts about the musical 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of The Winds), and in particular, G.O’s gentle nuanced performance, I truly do not know where to begin. Before I stepped into the theatre to watch it unfold real-time, I did a little background check of the story so I would have some idea going in.  Still, nothing could have prepared me for the powerful and emotional interpretation brought to the stage by the Seoul Arts Group or the tender, heart-wrenching performance by G.O in the role of Prince Hodong. G.O continues to shock and amaze me.

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When Your Bias Walks Right By You and You Are Not Prepared

Friendly GO Fanservice

After I spent my birthday seeing G.O perform twice in one day, handing him a gift, “accompanying” him to his vehicle (yes, we are not going to call this following – we, his fans, were merely accompanying him to make sure he made it safely to his car – hehehe), and ultimately getting a warm, finger-threaded, palm-to-palm handshake good-bye, I wondered what my last day in Seoul would have in store for me. It seems that once I decided to be true to my fangirl heart and direct all of my energy to G.O, the gods of all things Byung Hee have allowed me many moments in his presence, enough now for him to recognize me. When your bias recognizes you, it elevates this fangirl thing to a whole new level.^^

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When Your Bias Knows That Skinship is THE BEST Birthday Gift

GO birthday CUTE OMG

Saturday, 17 May was my birthday and I was in Seoul. This, by far, has exceeded anything I have ever done to honor the day of my birth. In short, it was completely outrageous! But as I grow older, I am discovering that outrageous is pretty much the norm if your going to reach my age and decide to become a raging fangirl! Yes, raging – there is no other way to describe what my life has evolved into over the past year. And to think, it all started so innocently with Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye and a coffee shop! But, I digress – let’s get to the real adventure here, the G.O adventure! ^^

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