TVXQ Tuesday: Try My Love

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As I slowly make my way through the vast discography of these five men, I notice one thing for sure. They were never bound by one certain genre of music. They have given us so many different versions of themselves and I so appreciate their openness to lacing various genres of music into their catalog. Admittedly, I love the ballads. But, having Junsu as my bias here and my amazing OTB (one true bias) G.O with MBLAQ, you have to know that I have a special weakness for soulful R&B. Try My Love is just that.

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Wearing white suits with matching white fedoras, the boys smoothly groove (and at times grind) through this live version of this very soulful love song. Of course this is exactly the kind of song Junsu thrives on and completely shines in!

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He feels it. Oh yes…to his core! We don’t get to hear him right away – and really, when the opening started my first thought was “oh yes, Junsu better have the lead here or, at best, better open this one!” The horns and the funky bass line get things started. It’s sharp and sexy! But instead of Jun, it is Changmin who opens.

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Maknae swagging it out nicely. You know Changmin usually sings in a higher range but here he brings it down an octave and I like it. He left the higher range work to Junsu and Jae. Starting the song out smooth and easy, deep and full.

And oh Jae………….!!! JAE, you sound glorious here. Truly, I wish Jae had a little more  time in this one. The quality of Jae’s voice is so unique to me. I beat a dead horse here, but Jae’s voice is so velvety and rich. And he even give us a little growl in this one – it works.

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How about the choreography here? It is at times, playful, and at others, downright sexy. I see your hips Junsu!! They like to move! This has such a retro feel conjuring up memories of the Temptations with a little side order of Michael Jackson. I love it!

Yunho and Yoochun give a little love here and both go deep and sexy. Yoochun’s deeper ranged voice sounds wonderful in this type of song.

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Once they hand everything over to Junsu, however, they just have to back him up in the smooth and sexy way they do as he closes by saying, “if we’re together we can go to a new world, I’ll make you forget your pain.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.21.24 PM 1

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Yes, Junsu I believe you actually could!♥

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[Image credit: tohoshinki101/Video credit: HDBSK – The Original DBSK Channel]

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