MBLAQ Musings: G.O Set To Begin His Run in Seopyeonje

Beautiful Byung Hee tweeted this wonderful picture with the message: Seopyeonje Hwaiting! I am SO excited for him to take on this role and cannot wait to see him perform live on the stage.



Because I have been doing my research, I believe this picture was actually taken in front of the Universal Arts Center in Seoul where the musical will be performed. I am so proud of G.O and I know he is going to be amazing in the role of Dong Ho.

Earlier in the month, a showcase was held introducing the musical, its performers and with that a little taste of the sounds we can expect to hear. G.O, looking incredibly handsome and sounding absolutely wonderful, performed.

His first performance will be Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Universal Arts Center, Seoul. Seopyeonje Hwaiting, indeed!

[Image credit: G.O (@MBLAQGO)/Video credit: CHANGSUNshine]


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