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MBLAQ Musings: In Anticipation . . .


MBLAQ Broken

In anticipation of MBLAQ’s forthcoming sixth mini album, Broken, J. Tune Camp released teaser pictures of the group and I just wanted to share.

From the MV teasers we have seen to date, these men (yes, I must refer to them now as men as they have definitely lost their proverbial baby fat and have crossed over into manly man territory) are sporting a sophisticated look and a mature elegant style. It works. I like it. I like it a lot.

Case in point:

GO Broken

That is just handsome overload. Couple that with his talent and consider me rendered useless.

They all look amazing.

Seung Ho Broken

Lee Joon Broken

Thunder Broken

Mir Broken

Prior to the picture teasers, J. Tune released teaser MVs which were just enough to whet the appetite and make us hungry for more.

First there was Between Us

Followed by Like A Man:

The time away pursuing solo projects has afforded them all a growth spurt, as it were. It is nice to see them regrouping  and coming to the table grounded in their individual abilities that have had some time to continue to ripen. This now gives them the opportunity to allow those abilities to come to fruition collectively with this new album. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing every single cut. I also look forward to seeing what they bring to the stage. I am certain they will light it up.

Broken is set to be released on Monday, March 24, 2014. Get ready for the BLAQ attack!

[Image and Video credit: J. Tune Camp]

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3 thoughts on “MBLAQ Musings: In Anticipation . . .

  1. Ooh! These men really are looking fabulous! So what’s up with Thunder being promoted with his real name instead? Is that something that happened more recently, or did I just miss that somewhere in the day to day runnings of MBLAQ protocol?

    • Hey!! OMG..yes, they look amazing!!!!

      Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed about Thunder. That goes to show you how bias-focused I am!! To me he is the one that has matured most in looks. He seems to have just woken up one morning and went from boy to man! Maybe taking his real name is part of his evolution. He seems to be moving away from the rapping in lieu of more melodic oriented music. His digital single Gone is pretty good. I like to think G.O had a hand in coaching him through it!! G.O is the man with the golden voice in that crowd although I think each one of them has their strengths. I think Rain was intelligent and did good when he put this group together.

      Thunder apparently wrote two of the songs on the new album. I am looking forward to hearing the entire thing. The teasers look and sound good. I really want them to do well. G.O takes the stage in Seopyeonje tomorrow night. I am WAY excited for him. He is such a gorgeous amazing vocalist. (Letting my bias pour forth in waves!!) I love that they are all doing individual projects and really do deserve more credit. Their music is really, really good.

      • Lol. It’s totally okay to be biased ^^ I am Seung Ho biased. I used to be Lee Joon biased until Smoky Girl and then I was Seung Ho all the way. He is just so handsome and lovely and wonderful ㅋ I am really looking forward to their comeback as well!!!

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