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Breaking News: MBLAQ’s “Broken” Teaser

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Ahhhhh, at long last, MBLAQ’s 6th album is about to drop (March 24). This teaser is enough to whet my appetite – I mean it opens with G.O! Soft and serious, this one sounds like it is going to go straight into the heart, pierce it, reside in it and take over. I look forward to the hearing the entire track as well as the entire album. And I am SO blessed to have my MBLAQ partner in crime, Nelly, whose anticipation, excitement and love for their new music jumps off of her blog post with such a delightful fervor! Love you, Nelly girl……! Thank you for this post!


Mayday! Mayday! We have a teaser!!!! Yes, yes , yes! Michele‘s and my boys are back with their 6th mini album titled “Broken.” Well, itsabout freaking time!!!! JTune, we are NOW a little satisfied with your promise! But please, don’t do this again! Not to our sweet, sweet boys! Pinky promise? The Between Us teaser is only 0:38 long but it’s enough to poke our dying passion with their most soothing emotion they could ever pour into this MV! Well, they succeed in doing it and I’m completely smitten by them! Can March 24 be here now??? The MV opens up by the best vocal in the group, GO serenading us with his sweet, gentle voice which I found it very romantic yet sexy at the same time. It was only a line by him but errrmagewddddd I want to hear more! *heart racing 100mph* Another voice we get…

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