TVXQ Tuesday (er..uh Wednesday): Heart, Mind and Soul


Oops….I am a day late, but that’s no matter as I am going to deliver up a sweet, smooth and delicious ballad – a specialty of our five fabulous men with the golden voices. Heart, Mind and Soul, a song from their first Japanese studio album of the same name, is the kind of song you want to slow dance to while gazing into the eyes of your beloved.

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I know I have mentioned before how I enjoy when Yunho goes to a deeper range when he sings and here he serves it up nicely opening the song with his soft mellow tones. But when Jae’s delectably smooth mellifluous voice follows, I just feel my heart melting. He sounds so extraordinarily good in this performance.

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It goes to an even sweeter level when Yoochun chimes in to add the perfect harmonies to Jae’s voice. This is what makes them so incredibly spectacular. The amazing synergy between their voices really is unmatched. But of course, that goes for all 5 of them.

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When the maknae arrives, the song begins to pick up steam. Changmin brings such an urgency with his voice and we cannot help but stand up and listen when he sings that ‘love must come to an end’ begging the question why…why…why?

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He then opens the door wide open for my sweet Junsu. And oh boy does my Junie deliver here. He sounds amazing (when doesn’t he, really). With the four harmonies building a gorgeous foundation, Junsu arrives asking why his heart is troubled. He goes on further to say that he will ‘make tonight magical’ and ‘make a wish come true’  – *THUNK*. I believe him. I really  believe him.

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This is such a gentle and beautiful love song.

When Jae and Junsu close with that gorgeous harmonized note, I about lose my mind. Even though I am not overly religious, I do believe in miracles. Yes, each time I listen to and/or watch these five incredible men perform, I’m pretty confident I am witnessing a bit of a miracle. Or perhaps it was simply good planetary position when these five were brought together.^^

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[Image credit: tvxqinfo.wordpress/Video credit: s3adolphin]


  1. dewaanifordrama says:

    *sigh* this post makes me so happy! Perhaps I am a little biased, but they are seriously the best “boy” band ever, and their break-up still breaks my heart. I remember as I entered the fandom of K-pop in 2011 and found DBSK (one of the first songs I ever bought was “Why Did I Fall in Love with You?”) and then I found out they were broken up, I was DEVASTATED!!! And I still am. The TVXQ duo and JYJ are good, but they’re just not as good as the five of them together were. Synergy is the best way to describe their magic together. *sigh* I love them so much. It is a dream of mine to one day be able to go to their reunion concert, but realistically I don’t think that will ever happen. A fangirl can hope and wish though, right?! And I am also so Junsu biased. Ah, that voice!!!

    • Michele says:

      Oh yes…….another Junsu-lover!! This is good. This is very very good! I adore him. I did not know about TVXQ as the original 5. They had already split when I discovered them. And…even then I wasn’t even familiar with JYJ. I just knew about Yunho and Changmin. Then I went to Seoul for Rain’s discharge and met some rabid K-pop sisters from Spain who schooled me all about Junsu. That was all I needed.

      On a whim one day I felt like watching Mirotic and that is was prompted the entire TVXQ Tuesday. This has given me the opportunity to get to know them. The downside is that they are no longer the 5 which is a complete pity. They are great individually – but together – well, I think the general consensus is that together they were a force to be reckoned with!! Maybe someday they will do some charity event and unite on the stage for one song. I’d even take that at this point!!

      So yes…let’s both hope and wish and dream of a TVXQ reunion. I don’t care where they’d do it – I would go!!

      • dewaanifordrama says:

        I entered K-pop fandom in late 2011, so they had already broken up by then. One of the first songs I ever bought of theirs was actually a Japanese single: Why Did I Ever Fall in Love with You? I had it endlessly on repeat, that and Mirotic. I also love their ac cappella Always. Anyway, yeah, I just love the five of them together. I am so very hopeful for a reunion, but I don’t know if we will ever know how if things got ugly between the members with the break-up or if all the bad blood is SM focused. I do hope that something happens that enables a reunion concert. I know JYJ is making a comeback this year I think and we’ll see how that goes. They may even get to promote on TV! Yay! I think…though I am not sure.

        One thing I also want to see is Junsu perform in a musical. I’ve watched clips of his stage performance “Elisabeth” and he was amazing! And he was also adorable in his cameo in “Scent of a Woman”. Ack! He is so adorable when he sings for the lead! I love him so!!! And his just general adorableness (as well as his sexiness).

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