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On My Screen ~ Flame of Love Dance Ver. [Taemin]

During promotions for his second studio album, Move, Taemin said that he chose the title track of the same name because he felt it represented his true identity. Eschewing gender stereotypes often delineated in K-pop dances where the men dance with great physical and aggressive power, and the women more soft and whimsical, Taemin stated in an October 2017 Billboard article:

My aim was to find a middle ground, mixing both masculine and feminine movements into the choreography together. My body shape is like that of a dancer’s, it’s not too masculine or overly muscular and I wanted to take advantage of that. I thought I could show the soft lines like the dance movements of a ballet dancer by adding subtlety to my choreography. I wanted to break the idea of what male performers are supposed to show, what performances girl groups are supposed to show. I really wanted to break those labels, showing that dance is a form of art.

Indeed, Taemin was already on that path three months prior with the release of his second Japanese EP, Flame of Love, wherein he regaled fans with an ethereal dance version of the EP’s title track of the same name.

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TVXQ Tuesday (er..uh Wednesday): Heart, Mind and Soul


Oops….I am a day late, but that’s no matter as I am going to deliver up a sweet, smooth and delicious ballad – a specialty of our five fabulous men with the golden voices. Heart, Mind and Soul, a song from their first Japanese studio album of the same name, is the kind of song you want to slow dance to while gazing into the eyes of your beloved.

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TVXQ Tuesday – Wrong Number


So last week I was cracking out on Mirotic – which is easy to do.  I woke up again this morning with TVXQ on my mind and thought ok, I see a pattern here.  Seems TVXQ likes to invade my mind space on Tuesdays which is ok since it seems every other day of the week my mind space is duly occupied by Rain.  Tuesdays then will be my time to pause and show some love to TVXQ.  And by TVXQ I mean the group as a whole as they once were.  The five of them.  The five voices united in what is probably the best combo of voices I think K-pop has ever heard.

If you take some time to listen to these five work together you will notice a synergy that is so in place – and not just vocally.  They even seem to navigate the stage around each other while dancing with a telepathy all of its own.

Seriously, in that one I can’t even pick a favorite and you all know I am generally partial to Junsu!!! But in that performance, they are all working the hot factor pretty well!

[Photo credit: credit:  Titus88]