TVXQ Tuesday – Wrong Number


So last week I was cracking out on Mirotic – which is easy to do.  I woke up again this morning with TVXQ on my mind and thought ok, I see a pattern here.  Seems TVXQ likes to invade my mind space on Tuesdays which is ok since it seems every other day of the week my mind space is duly occupied by Rain.  Tuesdays then will be my time to pause and show some love to TVXQ.  And by TVXQ I mean the group as a whole as they once were.  The five of them.  The five voices united in what is probably the best combo of voices I think K-pop has ever heard.

If you take some time to listen to these five work together you will notice a synergy that is so in place – and not just vocally.  They even seem to navigate the stage around each other while dancing with a telepathy all of its own.

Seriously, in that one I can’t even pick a favorite and you all know I am generally partial to Junsu!!! But in that performance, they are all working the hot factor pretty well!

[Photo credit: credit:  Titus88]


  1. evez says:

    ..what can you expect when you see a group sing and dance like this?..AWESOMENESS!..and it never fails you anytime you watch this five gorgeous guys perform…such an indisputable talent indeed.. Jaejoong caught my attention here by rendering some rapping skills with his jaw-dropping attire that bears his chest along with Yunho’s manly moves and Junsu’s rnb vocal chord and sexiness Changmin’s hitting higher note and Yoochun’s deep voice… swoooooning never stops..!

    • Michele says:

      They continue to WOW me, truly! I admit to not being able to get enough of them these days! I am happy that Jaejoong covered those biceps up in this one as they tend to distract me from my sweet Junsu!! When they hit that harmonized note towards the end….THUNK!! The 5 of them together is just so explosive and magical! You are SO correct, the swooning never stops and it is always x5 with them because all of them are just so handsome and talented!!! Can’t get enough!

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